Includes a 6 stage methodology with tips, tricks & a comprehensive checklist!

An intranet is a strategic investment that helps your organisation meet its overall business goals, as well as increase employee productivity.

While most organisations accept they need an intranet, not all stakeholders are aware of the value an intranet can deliver, which can make it hard to build a strong business case for a new or better site.

This eWorkbook shows you how you can change perceptions, get senior management buy-in and deliver a compelling business case to implement a modern intranet.

More specifically, it takes you through a six-stage methodology to build a persuasive business case.


  • The specific steps you need to take
  • All the information you need to gather
  • Useful tips and tricks to ensure success
  • How online team workplaces improve collaboration and productivity
  • BONUS: Comprehensive checklist to get you started

6 Step Guide For a Social Intranet Business Case Preview

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