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Elcom's hosting environment has been established for over 20 years.

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Whether you need a hosting solution for your intranet, website, portal or learning management solution, Elcom has a solution for you.

Elcom offers two options for your site:


We offer our clients the ability to host their site within Elcom's robust, and secure data centre on dedicated virtual servers customised to their needs.

  • Your own dedicated web server and database server for your site(s).
  • Complete control over configuration and operating environment. For example 2 x virtual web servers, 2 x virtual database servers.
  • Includes a dedicated disaster recovery server at an alternate location.


Elcom's shared hosting services are an economical solution for businesses looking to host their site within a shared infrastructure.

  • Your own dedicated space on a shared server with complete separation from other sites.
  • Share in the overall cost of server maintenance to achieve significant cost savings.
  • Includes constant system administration and 24 x 7 system monitoring; a great benefit for those who do not want to maintain their own systems.

Which hosting option is best for you?

Shared Hosting

  • Fully scalable, caters to all traffic demands
  • Externally managed and maintained 24/7
  • Bound by Service Level Agreements 
  • Fast networking
  • High spec web servers
  • Rapid cloud deployment
  • Secure highly available firewalls
  • Scalable load balancing
  • Reliable SQL servers
  • Power protection by multiple UPSs 

Dedicated Hosting

All benefits in shared hosting PLUS

  • Dedicated hosting only
  • Absolute control over configuration
  • Dedicated performance power
  • Highly scalable environment
  • Customised solutions and BYO servers
  • Disaster recovery
Forty Winks Intranet Screenshot in 3 Devices

Forty Winks

Elcom offered Forty Winks an all-in-one solution with all the core functionality they need out-of-the-box and hosting. There were no added complexities, cost of custom development or added responsibility for the Forty Winks IT team. 

It’s a strong and stable CMS platform with a great team of support staff working alongside you, guiding you through implementing the intranet you want.

Chris Panagiotou, IT Manager
Forty Winks

Who are Forty Winks?

Over its 35 year history, Forty Winks has redefined the bedding landscape to grow into a trusted and widely recognised Australian brand.
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Elcom delivers engaging web solutions for intranets, digital workplaces, websites, portals and learning management.

Our core product is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global site deployments.

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