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Create websites that evolve and grow with your audience — personalise content, make updates without technical knowledge, launch microsites, manage events, plus more.
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We have over 20 years of experience in website design and development, working with organisations from all industries including The Fair Work Ombudsman, St Margaret's Anglican Girls School, Dulux Group, Orica, Defence Bank and WWF Australia.

How We Help - Great Engaging Websites

For Your Customers, First Impressions Count

When visiting your website, some customers want a personalised experience. Others want information that’s easily accessible.

If your website doesn’t deliver, they’re unlikely to return. Use the Elcom CMS to build well-designed, functional websites that cater to your target audiences — no matter what they want — and create a first impression that keeps them coming back.

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Make Marketing Effortlessly Easy

Customers are the lifeblood of a business, and marketing is how you attract and talk to them. With Elcom, you can market in a way that gets your target audience to act.

Launch new promotions using landing pages focused on your market, capture new leads or subscriptions with forms built in minutes and target your messaging for mobile or specific keywords.

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Customise The Experience For Your Customers

Your customers visit your website because they believe you can help them. Tailor an experience that shows them you can.

Features like most popular content, real-time search, email marketing, user-based ratings and social elements are just a handful of the functionality you can use in the Elcom CMS. Better yet, you can build on the Elcom platform to your specific industry and needs, and custom develop your own functionality along the way to deliver a site (and experience) that draws customers closer.

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Elcom was incredibly flexible and met all of the challenges of implementing this project head-on. They have created a system that meets all of our business needs, with continued room for growth


Balasundaram Kothandaraman, General Manager ICT
Hyundai Australia


What's inside

People-Powered Publishing

Adding or editing content shouldn’t be difficult. With Elcom, it isn’t. Your users quickly and efficiently manage content without needing technical skills. What’s more, they can edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, which removes the need for back-end navigation and keeps the context for the user as they make the update.

Harness the “Amazon Effect” To Draw A Crowd

Amazon’s success has put personalisation in the spotlight. With Elcom, you can take advantage of powerful features such as tags and categories, multilingual capability, and content personalisation to deliver a truly personal experience for your customers, whether they’re on your website or getting your emails.

A Platform For Everyone

The last thing you want to be doing with a new website is spending days tailoring and tweaking your platform to get it working. Have your team creating pages and content for your site with ease. Developers can spend the time to access APIs and technical features and build tailor-made pages and areas that enhance the customer experience even further.

Managing Events is a Breeze

There are a lot of moving parts to events - from set up through to promotion.  Access a host of features from online registrations and workflow components to notify relevant parties, online payments and resource bookings. Managing events has never been easier.

An Inclusive Website Experience for All

A website should be accessible to all regardless of any disabilities. All of Elcom's base administration screens, the core authoring experience and selected modules are AA compliant, enabling equal access to information and functionality for all your website visitors.

Keep Your Most Valuable Audience Happy

Deliver a smooth customer experience for clients by letting them manage their accounts at their convenience including paid membership and renewal handling, member profile management, email marketing, event interaction and more.


Why work with Elcom

One Site, Power Many

Run as many websites, portals and intranets as you want, all from a single installation of the CMS, simplifying site administration, while saving you time and money.

Choose Your Own CMS

Out-of-the-box features let you get your CMS off to a running start, and Elcom gives you plenty of these. Then add in new functionality at anytime as your teams’ needs change or grow.

Tailored to Your Every Need

No two websites are the same. Choose the out-of-the-box features you want to use, while your developers can customise these or build on new functionality with free API access.

Interested in a website design and development company, with 20+ years commercially proven experience in website redesign services?

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Elcom delivers engaging web solutions for intranets, digital workplaces, websites, portals and learning management.

Our core product is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global site deployments.

Murray City Country Coast (MCCC)
Australian Parachute Federation
Medical Indemnity Protection Society
Forty Winks
Inner West Council
Saint Ignatius College Riverview