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We're excited to announce the new and improved Elcom platform is here!

Elcom V11 is built to help you reach your peak performance, consistently deliver engaging content and conquer your digital challenges. We’ve packed it with highly requested new features and enhancements, as well as extensibility points to build on and extend the capabilities of the Elcom platform.

What can you expect?

This release introduces new highly requested functionality including:

  • Two factor authentication for added security.
  • Acknowledgements to help you comply with privacy laws and new reporting capabilities.
  • Built in integration to Okta and VIMEO to extend the potential of your Elcom platform.

You can also look forward to a large collection of enhancements to existing features and modules based on client feedback including a much more flexible corporate directory with completely configurable organisation charts, as well as an improved administration user interface.

See V11 in action in our webinar series

See for yourself the new level of flexibility and security Elcom V11 brings to reak your peak performance. Our team will guide you through a live demonstration of highly requested new features and enhancements to our most popular functionality.

This live webinar is focused on functionality that makes it easier than ever to provide a truly valuable intranet or portal.

This on-demand webinar is focused on functionality that helps you improve experiences for your external audience.

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What's New?

Here is the new, highly requested functionality you can look forward to in V11 to elevate your digital performance.

Two factor-authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your site, ensuring only the right person can access their accounts and private information.

By enabling two factor-authentication (2FA), users are required to enter their password and username, as well as additional information only the user has access to, such as a 4-digit pin number or a time sensitive code generated on the user's phone.

This extra security layer makes it difficult for external parties to gain access and steal a user's personal data or identity. 



Make it easy for visitors to consent to you using their data (to assist with GDPR compliance), as well as help you meet internal corporate compliance needs.

With Acknowledgements, you can request consent from visitors to accept your terms and conditions or use of cookies to assist with GDPR compliance, as well as display a message to a specified audience requiring them to acknowledge they have read important articles.

You can also access detailed reporting and tracking of acknowledgements such as users who have and haven't acknowledged articles.

Vimeo Connector

Introducing support for popular video sharing platform, Vimeo. Make video sharing with your audience a breeze! 

Now you can easily share your latest videos on your Elcom site. You can embed any video into Dynamic Widgets, search results and articles, by simply entering the Vimeo URL.


Introducing the new Okta Connector. This brings a fast to setup and simple to use integration between your Elcom site and Okta.

The Okta Connector acts as a SAML Identity Provider. The connector is an offline task that creates and or updates users from Okta, in bulk, using their API in conjunction with the SAML Connector.

Publishing Reports

Simplify the process of monitoring and reporting on your site, and let your platform do the heavy lifting for you.

Access new publishing related reports to track documents downloaded, updates made to existing documents and images used on your site, as well as reports alerting administrators to any system errors.

These reports provide detailed information to make it easy for you to monitor your site on a granular level.

New Reports

Elcom’s powerful reporting now provides a more granular view of your site’s users and their security permissions and access levels.

Access new reports to track site and user activity. View reports including Elcom capabilities a user has access to, as well as what folders a user or group has permission for and their access level.

What's Improved for Authors and Administrators?

New enhancements to the authoring and administration experience enable you to deliver your digital strategies faster.


With new functionality added to Elcom's powerful drag and drop form creator, the forms feature is now more flexible than ever before for publishers.

Lots of major enhancements have been added into this popular feature including the ability to:

  • Add a signature field to your forms so users can electronically sign their forms with an uploaded signature or via a touch-screen device.
  • Add multiple columns to forms.
  • Highlight fields if the answer was modified.
  • Support for externally hosted bank payments.


Offer unparalleled workplace efficiency, with access to additional options when managing automated comprehensive audit processes for approval of content and forms.

Key enhancements include:

  • Workflow managers can reopen a closed workflow item and re-assign an approver for content or a form.
  • Show the document name and description or the link to the document using tags, when using the document type of workflow. 
  • Form panels is now displayed in the emails and PDFs generated by workflows.

Corporate Directory

The new enhancements offer greater flexibility and control over the corporate directory fields and organisational chart so you can display information the way you want.

Some highlights include:

  • Full HTML template support and the ability to build up a template library.
  • Hook-in back end developer code to render custom tags for fields external to the product.
  • Display different templates for a person’s details depending on where the user came from.
  • Lots of flexibility for displaying all or part of an organisation chart in an article.

Updated User Interface

With V11 comes an updated and improved user interface to make it easier for you to manage your Elcom platform.

The administration (admin) user interface has gone through a major overhaul. This includes:

  • A restructure of the admin dashboard to bring user actions and other important site information to the forefront.
  • Additional visual cues in areas such as form fields to help users focus on where they are.
  • Improved design consistency between back-end and front-end pieces.

SCORM Manager

Deliver personalised online training without the fuss. V11 now supports the latest SCORM version (2017.1) and Tin Can reports.

You can now access new features like integrated Support for Amazon’s S3 Storage & CloudFront CDN, improved responsive player UI, accessibility improvements and expanded PENS support.

Reporting for Tin Can enabled SCORM packages has been improved, giving you detailed insights on each learner.


Access new functionality including the ability to add resource requirements, offering you more flexibility in how you run your events.

Two key enhancements to look forward to are:

  • Adding resource requirements e.g. breakfast options in registration forms. If a price has been configured, then the quantity selected will determine the price. You can also lock down these resource fields by security group.
  • The ability to create and edit user-friendly URLs for all event types and registrations. All event searches will return the event's user-friendly URL.

Summary Information

This new panel adds more meaningful site information to your admin dashboard to make it easy to keep track of your Elcom deployment.

The Summary Information panel can now be found on administration dashboards, displaying your Elcom platform version number, any multi-site information, last software update and more.


Easily create and manage content. Several enhancements have been made to Elcom’s powerful core publishing feature.


Some of these enhancements include:

  • Telerik Editor upgraded to the latest version.
  • Embedded videos can now auto-play, loop, be muted and pre-load.
  • Folder Explorer now displays articles, images and documents under each folder and can be edited and moved (including bulk moved). Folder Explorer enables administrators to give publishers access to view a selection of folders relevant to their needs.

Dynamic Widget

Aggregate and display content fast with Dynamic Widgets and easily manage these from one central interface, the Widget Library.

Widgets have been streamlined to improve performance, including caching for anonymous users and the loading of multiple widgets in parallel on a page.

Widget refinements are also now only loaded via AJAX after the initial page load to speed up the display of the page.

In addition, a new Widget Library enables you to easily find and manage all your widgets from one place.

SAML Connector

V11 provides additional flexibility in automatically authenticating and authorising data between your Elcom site and a third-party identity provider. 

Some key enhancements include:

  • You can now run multiple SAML instances on the same site.
  • You can configure your own user field mappings.
  • Support identity provider initiated login.


Elcom's enhanced membership module provides full member registration and renewals, as well as permission and security capabilities.

V11 includes support for CAPTCHA. By enabling this setting, CAPTCHA will be used as a form of validation in forms and your membership registration page. By doing this, you will reduce spam registrations from computer bots and ensure real users are filling out the forms.

Accessibility Compliance

V11 continues Elcom’s focus on ensuring Elcom sites meets accessibility standards and is accessible for all audiences.

Administrators can expect improved generally accessibility across the base platform and accompanying modules.

Plus improved accessibility on event registration forms related to email address and phone number fields, as well as with error messages to provide examples and make messages clear.

What's Improved for End Users?

Deliver improved user experiences with these enhanced features and modules in V11.

Search refine element

Finding information is easier than ever. Now you can continue selecting multiple elements to further refine your search queries. 

Administrators can add as many filters as needed. Users then have the option of refining results further based on these filters in one go rather than clicking one at a time.

There are also more options around how you want your search results sorted.

Login element

Help to improve the accuracy of password inputs by offering users the ability to see the password they're typing on the login page.

This show password functionality can be easily turned off and on by administrators.

Store Locator

Make it easy for your audience to visit and/or contact your organisation during the appropriate hours to ensure a seamless customer experience. 

V11 includes a new text field to store locator called "Opening hours" and can be turned off if required.

External Payments

Ensure client or member payment information is always secure. PCI compliant gateways can now be used in all forms.

Previously, you could leverage a PCI compliant payment gateway in the Events and Training modules only.

This new capability means your users can be redirected to externally hosted payment gateway to accept payments and then redirected back to your Elcom site to finalise the transaction, for all forms.


Engage users by adding social streams to articles for private conversations with a group of people or open conversations with everyone.

With V11, administrators are now offered the ability to enable users to search within a social stream, as well as for MyPage.


Elcom's membership module provides full member registration and renewals, and now comes with CAPTCHA support.

V11 includes support for CAPTCHA. By enabling this setting, CAPTCHA will be used as a form of validation in forms and your membership registration page. By doing this, you will reduce spam registrations from computer bots and ensure real users are filling out the forms.

Want to upgrade your existing platform or learn more about Elcom V11? Simply email Info@elcom.com.au, contact your Account Manager or click on the book your consultation button.

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