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STAR Group

Established in 1957 by the Andrews family, STAR Group is a privately owned Tier 1 electrical, communications and maintenance contractor specialising in electrical, data and communications, high voltage, audio-visual, engineering and wholesale services.
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The Challenge

At STAR Group, the team perform a lot of tasks manually and wanted to automate and improve these processes. It made sense to start with an intranet, which would become their central information and communication hub, connecting current and future software they have in the business. They also embarked on a website redesign. Their audience is generally tech-savvy but time poor, so they looked at ways for the website to be easier to use and navigate. It had to be modern, informative and mobile responsive.  Star Group chose Elcom to design and build their new website, intranet and LMS.

The Solution

The STAR Group website now has a new modern and uncluttered look and feel. It is easy to navigate and mobile responsive. Given the large number of projects shown on the website, they use Elcom’s meta tagging feature to classify projects by section, service, region and status. This lets visitors drill down to view the most relevant projects for their needs.

The power of the platform is how user friendly it is for administrators and publishers. They launched the intranet recently and they've already seeing a lot of quick wins around speeding up existing processes. They're using forms and workflows as a tool to automate operations around HR, financial requests and administration. They’re easy to set up, are knocking down the number of steps in each process, and reducing the time to process forms.

Since STAR Group work in a highly regulated industry, they’re really excited about improving and automating both the staff training and incident tracking processes. With the Elcom Learning Management System (LMS), they can bring the many training programs they have online, making it much more efficient and easier to manage, deploy and report on. It’ll go a long way in improving their induction and internal training processes.


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Why Choose Elcom?

How We Help - Integrations

Built to be Part of Your Ecosystem

Elcom is a rich and flexible digital experience platform that comes with over 100 base features, modules and connectors to meet all your content management needs and achieve your digital goals - while helping you achieve significant cost and time savings. We have spent countless hours perfecting the platform so your staff will actually like using it, and your audience will receive consistent and exceptional online experiences.

We also understand that no system is an island, which is why Elcom is built to smoothly integrate into your existing environment. Build custom integrations or access built-in integrations to Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Amazon AWS, Salesforce and more.

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Showcase - Star Group - Intranet

The Foundation for Your Digital Workplace

The intranet is the foundation of a modern, digital workplace; supporting your teams in a connected, “always on” environment with centralised access to the easily searchable up-to-date resources, from any location and device. From user-friendly forms, workflows and document management, to sophisticated security settings for different user groups and personalised interfaces, Elcom makes developing this pivotal part of your workplace a breeze.

Awarded Intranet Choice for Value in 2021, we're proud to be recognised as a standout from over 75 global intranet products reviewed by industry experts, ClearBox Consulting.

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Ryan Davey, Associate Director - Operations, Star Group

"Elcom were awesome throughout the build process and beyond. Our account manager, trainer and the helpdesk team really helped us understand how to best use the product for our needs. We’re going to keep building on our solution, so it continues being a valuable resource for the business."

Star Group City Landscape

Showcase - Star Group - Website

Customise The Website Experience

Your customers visit your website because they believe you can help them. Tailor an experience that shows them you can.

Features like member only access, self service portals, most popular content, real-time search, email marketing, user-based ratings and social elements are just a handful of the functionality you have instant access to as part of your website CMS platform. Better yet, we can work with you to build a professional website design specific to your industry and needs, and custom develop your own functionality along the way to deliver a site (and experience) that draws customers closer.

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Learning Management Solution Reports

Simplify Training and Learning Management

Without training that targets the right skills, individuals can struggle to learn those skills and do their job, which impacts performance.

Elcom’s web-based Learning Management System makes it easy for organisations to create, deploy and manage in-depth training and eLearning programs to upskill and improve performance for both internal and external audiences.

Create courses with visual training pathways personalised for each user, automatically register users for courses, track training effectiveness and organise resources including training rooms and trainers, and more! 

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What's inside

Digital Asset Management, 21st-Century Style

If content is king, then managing content is definitely queen. That’s why digital asset management is at the heart of Elcom’s Intranet software. All your documents, images, content (and even style sheets) are version controlled and simple to manage. Libraries allow lightning-quick searches and filtering on all kinds of criteria.

Get People Talking and Your Business Moving

Maintain a vibrant, social-driven heartbeat in your organisation. Elcom’s Intranet software incorporates a social layer that allows social profiles, real-time status updates, commenting and interaction on blogs and other content, and much more - all to make things easy (and a little fun) for your people.

Automate Your Forms and Workflows

Managing forms and approving content can be a time-consuming exercise. Use a drag and drop interface to quickly design detailed forms. Automate all your approvals by setting up workflows that handle serial or parallel processes with ease, and comes with a powerful rules engine to adapt and branch workflows based on the submitting user and other details.


Harness the Power of Your Information

Without information, everything stops. Help your people find what they need in seconds with real-time search tools. Search on keywords, taxonomy or build pre-defined queries for common searches. For departments or subsidiaries, create personalised views to make common searches as simple as “click-click-found”.

People Powered Publishing

Elcom is designed to be used by non-technical publishers. Users can edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, which keeps the context for the user as they make updates. Combine this with Elcom's dynamic widgets to automatically display this new content anywhere throughout your site in aggregated blog, event, news and other related feeds.

Harness the “Amazon Effect” To Draw A Crowd

Amazon’s success has put personalisation in the spotlight. With Elcom, you can take advantage of powerful features such as tags and categories, multilingual capability, membership management and content personalisation to deliver a truly personal experience for your customers, whether they’re on your website or getting your emails.

Why work with Elcom

One Site, Power Many

Run multiple websites, portals, intranets and learning management solutions on one platform, simplifying site administration, while saving you time and money. We also now have our own in-house mobile app team to bring your solution into the hands of your audience.

Don't Build from Scratch

Out-of-the-box features let you get your solution off to a running start. Then add in new functionality at anytime as your teams’ needs change or grow with existing modules or our in-house team can custom build functionality for you!

20+ years experience

We work with organisations across all industries including Volkswagen Australia, H&R Block, Target Australia, Clayton Utz, Goodstart Early Learning, Heritage Bank, SCEGGS Darlinghurst, St Vincent's Health, Bayside City Council, WWF Australia, The Audit office of NSW and more.

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