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How Elcom Can Transform Your Workplace

Let Elcom do the heavy lifting for you – we take care of the processes, so you can take care of your people.

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Focus on People, Not Processes

Existing processes slowing you down? Focus less on administration and more on inspiring your people.

  • Automation. Save countless hours and automate manual tasks through forms and workflows, document and policy manager, and events manager.
  • A single resource. Bring all your resources together into an intranet or portal for your people to access anywhere, on any device.
  • Self-service. Empower individuals with self-service tools to manage their own information.
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Get New People Up to Speed Fast

Don't send newcomers on a constant chase for information, processes, people and tools.

  • Centralised interface. Provide access to everything they need, with links to relevant systems, tools and key information, from employee handbooks to videos from senior members.
  • Personalised induction. Offer personalised online induction courses to bring them up to speed quickly, removing the need for the same information to be repeated face-to-face.
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Build a Strong People Centric Culture

Invest in your people and give them a reason to invest in your organisation.

  • Build connections with your organisation. Feature personal stories from team members, encourage nominations of outstanding individuals, provide access to resources related to new initiatives, highlight organisation news and goals and more.
  • Build connections with each other. Encourage social connections and collaboration with social profiles, blogs, real-time status updates and commenting – creating a vibrant, active and engaged community regardless of where your people are based.
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Help Your People Grow and Succeed

Your people are only as effective as the information and training they’re offered. Give them the support they need to thrive in (and beyond) their roles.

  • Easy training management. Whatever training you want to provide (and where), Elcom makes it easy for organisations to create, deploy and manage in-depth training programs.
  • Configurable and flexible. Create courses with visual pathways, import SCORM compliant packages, automatically register users, organise resources including training rooms and trainers, and much more.


What Can Elcom Do For People & Culture Teams?

With over 100+ base features and add-ons, the Elcom enterprise content management solution offers all the functionality you need from a intranet, portal, website and learning management system. And more! Here are just some of the ways Elcom can help.

Content Management Simplified

Provide access to up-to-date policies, procedures, documents and other resources. Access full version control, view audit trails and add security permissions to ensure content is shown to the right people.

Easy People Powered Publishing

Empower publishers and departments to manage their own sections without needing technical skills. Edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, removing the need for back-end navigation.

Digital Forms & Automated Workflows

Quickly build online forms with a drag and drop interface for easy information capture and retrieval. Implement automated processes for approval of forms, saving you from manually chasing people.

Find People & Expertise Fast

Enable employees to quickly find and access up-to-date employee information, with links to detailed employee social profiles, areas of expertise and organisational charts, anywhere and anytime.

Encourage Collaboration

Create private and public team workspaces with calendars, social Q&A, documents, RSS feeds, FAQs and more, to make it easy for team members to focus on the project at hand.

Integrate Your Systems

Avoid frustrating information silos. Elcom comes with native integration to Active Directory, SAML, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, HR TRIM and more. API access enables you to build your own integrations too.

Centralised access to info

Why Vita Group Love Working With Elcom

Vita Group is a leading publicly listed organisation, with 130+ points of presence across Australia including 100+ Telstra stores.

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Vita Group is a publicly listed, leading Australian retailer that strives to enhance people’s way of life through expert consulting, creating value across a diverse network of brands including Telstra Retail and Telstra Business Technology Centres.

Vita Group's intranet solution, Vita Pulse, is their central communication portal, enabling the Vita team to provide a centralised repository of information to 1600 team members across Australia, over five brands – each with their own brand experience – with a heavy mix of frontline team members.

The intranet has led to improved information access, communication and cultural change, while reducing tedious administration. 

The Elcom CMS provided a platform that enabled a seamless and efficient update to our intranet’s look, feel, and functionality, with zero downtime during the update, zero additional training required for our publishers, and enormous benefits for our team members.

- Michael Di Mauro, Vita Group

Build the digital workplace your staff deserve with the platform trusted by People and Culture teams at Raine & Horne, Forty Winks and Mecca Brands.

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Our core product is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global site deployments.

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