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How Elcom Can Transform Your Organisation

Imagine a single digital platform connecting your entire organisation. Elcom supports your need for secure, scalable and customisable technology - no matter what your requirements are.

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Connect Your Entire Community

Bring people and information together into one central digital location, accessible securely from any location and any device.

  • A connected hub. Build a repository of projects, documents, images, forms, policies, procedures, FAQs and more - all with version control.
  • Personalised interface. Provide personalised views of information based on locations or groups, with different levels of security permissions. 
  • Easily find information. Search based on taxonomy, keywords or pre-defined search queries. Bring in results from other databases if needed.
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Free Your Team From Technology Silos

Let your systems talk to each other and remove the data silos that brings down productivity.

  • Integration ready platform. With dozens of connectors to popular solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory, SAML, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Dropbox and Amazon AWS CDN, as well as industry specific solutions such as Synergetic Management Systems.
  • Custom integrations. Build your own integration processes controlling the data flow in and out of your Elcom platform. The Elcom Security framework enables full enterprise integration capability with audit trail.
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Free Your Teams From IT Constraints

Develop a self-service culture. Non-technical users from different teams can easily maintain their own webpages, while technical users can design and develop custom areas as needed.

  • In-line editing. Quickly create and update content on the fly, with full WYSIWYG editing menu and without having to navigate away from the page you're updating.
  • User-friendly structure. Backend folder structure mimics the site navigation enabling users to quickly locate webpages.
  • A platform for all. Designers have full access to HTML and CSS and can leverage JavaScript to customise designs as needed.
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Evolve Your Platform With Your Needs

Elcom is designed to be future proof.

  • Modular. New features, modules and connectors can be rolled out at anytime to your existing site, as well as an unlimited number of users, at no extra charge.
  • Scalable. Run multiple intranets, portals, websites (and micro-sites) and learning management systems from a single platform.
  • Successful. With a proven track record of more than 20 years experience, we've successfully partnered with countless IT teams to support them with delivering secure, scalable and business critical solutions that provide returns that are measurable.




What Can Elcom Do For IT Teams?

With over 100+ base features and add-ons, the Elcom solution offers all the functionality you need from an intranet, portal, website or learning management system. And more! Here are just some of the ways Elcom can help.

Document & Content Management

Provide access to up-to-date policies, procedures and other important resources. Access full version control, view audit trails and add security permissions to ensure content is shown to the right people.



Empower publishers and departments to manage their own sections without needing technical skills. Edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, removing the need for back-end navigation.

Digital Forms & Automated Workflows

Quickly build forms with a drag and drop interface for easy information capture and retrieval. Implement automated processes for approval of forms, triggered by form answers.

Security Permissions

Easily manage access for users and groups. Add security permissions to folders, documents, articles and functionality such as team workspaces, search and enterprise search.

Structured Authoring

Structured authoring enables users to publish articles by filling in a form template, with support for approval workflow if needed. This is a great way for displaying repetitious style information from non-technical users.


Foster social interactions with blogs, social Q&A, social profiles, social streams and more. Create workspaces with calendars, social Q&A, documents, RSS feeds and FAQs, to make it easy for team to collaborate.

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Why Forty Winks Love Working With Elcom

With 103 stores operating across the country, Forty Winks is Australia’s largest independently locally owned and operated bedroom retailer.

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Elcom’s Digital Experience Platform provides a strong foundation for Forty Wink's integrated intranet and learning management solution.

With the improved user experience, staff across all franchise stores can now find content a lot easier, with the number of users increasing a huge 285% over the previous intranet. Forty Winks has 7 different access groups setup in the system for administrators, publishers, board members, franchisees, NSC staff, store managers and sales staff. Content, and to some extent the structure, changes for each group, providing them with a personalised view while at the same time offering Forty Winks control over who has access to the intranet and at what level.

It’s a strong and stable CMS platform with a great team of support staff working alongside you, guiding you through implementing the intranet you want.

- Chris Panagiotou, IT Manager


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Elcom delivers engaging web solutions for intranets, digital workplaces, websites, portals and learning management.

Our core product is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global site deployments.

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