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How Elcom Can Transform Your Workplace

Consistent and open communication fuels productive and engaged workplaces – but are your existing processes slowing your people down?

Let Elcom transform your workplace so you can focus on what matters: supporting and engaging your people.

How We Help - Organisation Chart and Corporate Directory


Connect People With Productivity

Without information and communication, everything stops.

  • A central hub. Help your people find what they need in seconds with real-time access to the latest information and resources from one place – regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.
  • Single, trusted source. Let your intranet or portal become the single trusted source so your people know where they can go to get what they need fast and staff only need to update one version of information.
  • Complete digital workplace tools. With personalised homepages, advanced search, easy to access forms, instructional videos, policies and procedures, documents and knowledge bases - improving productivity is a breeze.
How We Help - Organisation Chart


Connect People With Each Other

In this digital and cubicle-bound age, it’s almost too easy for individuals and teams to work in isolation. Developing a culture of collaboration and open communication is no easy task.

  • Quickly find people. Enable employees to quickly find and locate the best person to assist them through the corporate directory, with links to detailed employee social profiles and the organisation chart.
  • Facilitate communication. Promote conversation across all levels of the organisations and foster social interactions with blogs, social Q&A, social profiles, social feeds, project management tools and more.
How We Help - Corporate Culture


Connect People With Your Organisation

Success lies in your people; keep people engaged and give them a reason to invest in your organisation.

  • Top down communication. Develop a CMS portal or intranet that puts your organisation’s mission front and centre - share news from leadership, highlight successes of teams, manage events promoting new initiatives and corporate outings, aggregate news from third party sources and more.
  • Bottom up communication. Encourage feedback and idea sharing in dedicated social streams, micro-blogs, wikis and team workspaces around topics and new projects.


What Can Elcom Do For Communications Teams?

With over 100+ base features and add-ons, an Elcom enterprise content management solution offers all the functionality you need for a intranet, portal, website and learning management system. And more! Here are just some of the ways Elcom can help.

Content Management Simplified

Provide access to up-to-date policies, procedures, documents and other resources. Access full version control, view audit trails and add security permissions to ensure content is shown to the right people.


Easy People Powered Publishing

Empower publishers and departments to manage their own sections without needing technical skills. Edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, removing the need for back-end navigation.

Personalised Online Learning

Take the fuss out of getting people up to speed with programs and initiatives. Manage and deliver training programs from a centralised dashboard, with powerful reporting and SCORM support. 

Find People & Expertise Fast

Help staff find people fast with Elcom's configurable corporate directory. Show all or part of organisational charts on different pages. Include as much of as little information for each staff member.

Harness the Power of Social

Implement topic based social streams. Crowd source to ask questions and vote for best answers. Create team workspaces with calendars, documents, RSS feeds, FAQs and more for easy collaboration.

Integrate Your Systems

Avoid frustrating information silos. Elcom integrates with Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, HR TRIM, SAML, YouTube and more. API access means you can build your own integrations too!

Centralised access to info

Why Cabrini Love Working With Elcom

Cabrini is a private, not-for-profit, Catholic health service providing a comprehensive range of health and health-related services across twelve locations.

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With more than 4500 end-users representing a wide range of job profiles and professional backgrounds, the Intranet site had to cater to varying levels of technical savvy users and information needs.

Since its launch, Cabinet has been recognised with international awards and commendations from Ragan, the International Association of Business Communicators and the Public Relations Society of America.

Whether staff need to find a specialist, view medical rosters or download post-operative care brochures/information for patients, Cabinet is a great support tool for the Cabrini community.

Together with Elcom, we have created an internationally award-winning Intranet - ‘Cabinet’. From design to functionality, it has delivered a fresh new platform to engage with our staff. The support from the sales team, project managers and ongoing support desk, has been excellent.

- Caroline Ritchie, Cabrini


Build the digital workplace your people deserve with the platform trusted by communications teams from Forty Winks, Mecca Brands and Volkswagen Australia.

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