Schools and higher education institutions are clearly demonstrating their continued ability to embrace a range of digital technologies.

 As a technology partner for a number of educational institutions, Elcom is committed to evolving the Elcom platform to provide greater value.

From one sophisticated, scalable and easy-to-use CMS platform, all organisations are able to deploy intelligent and engaging websites, intranets and portals.

Moreover, Elcom integrates with existing business applications, such as Synergetic and Edumate, streamlining information management and improving operational efficiency. Elcom is trusted by NMIT, UTS:INSEARCH, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, St Margaret's School, Iona College, Geelong Grammar School, Ascham School, Moriah College, Barker College, Ivanhoe Grammar School, PLC Sydney, Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview and more.


How can you benefit from the Elcom Digital Transformation platform?

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Elcom for Schools & Educational Institutions

Elcom is the Digital Experience Platform that schools and educational institutions choose to improve communication and engagement with their community, while increasing operational efficiency.

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Elcom has a long history of delivering compelling portals, intranets, websites, enrolment systems, mobile apps, and forms and workflows that meet their evolving digital needs.

With over 100 modules of functionality in our CMS for schools, universities and other educational institutions in one easy-to-use, beautifully presented interface, integrated to your existing systems, it’s never been easier to keep prospective and current parents, students, staff and alumni engaged, while also improving efficiency and reducing manual processes.

Here is how the Elcom Digital Experience Platform helps

Build trust and credibility with prospectS

Attractive education and school websites

Deliver a visually attractive and user-friendly website from Elcom with a custom web design for schools and educational institutions that makes it easy for visitors to achieve what they need, from finding information to booking appointments and tours online, while also highlighting your brand, value and depth of offerings.

Features like most popular content, enterprise search, email marketing, user-based ratings and social elements are just a handful of the functionality you have instant access to as part of your platform.

St Margaret\

Online enrolments anywhere, anytime

Increase data quality, speed up processing time and simplify administration by automating and streamlining your online enrolment process. This saves countless hours for your admissions and enrolments team, as several pages worth of information need to be captured from applicants and then processed by several people throughout the business. 

With Elcom's enrolments platform, you can securely collect application fees, capture signatures, integrate forms to your Student Information System to reduce manual input errors, setup workflows to automate the approval process, and simplify your administration with easy reporting and notifications.

School Enrolment Application Form Student Details

keep your community engaged and informed 

OLSH College Bentleigh Responsive School Portal

Drive engagement with student and parent portals

elements by Elcom is our out-of-the-box school portal - a communication and information hub for parents and students, providing accurate and reliable information in a timely manner, at their convenience. Parents can stay informed of their child's progress by accessing their grades, assignments, and attendance records, while students can use the portal to track their own academic performance.

Consisting of a suite of core features you can expect for content management for schools and education institutions, as well as seamless integration capability to popular platforms - packaged in a beautifully designed interface. Everything from personalised attendance records, timetables, exams and assessment results, news and upcoming events, to mobile app and push notifications, is included. The portal also allows staff to send announcements to parents and students, keeping them informed about important school events, assignments, and due dates.

Drive productivity with a staff intranet

elements by Elcom can also be deployed as an intranet for schools and other educational institutions for staff. elements provides many welcome changes for both teaching and non-teaching staff, reducing time spent on low value administration tasks and more time on focusing on how they can assist students and the community.

Staff get self-service access to notices, rosters, professional learning applications, annual leave and expense forms, policies, news, events, calendars, IT support services, absences, and more.

Staff Intranet Screenshot 2021
Mobile App - Kings School Example Image

Engage anywhere with a mobile app

Access school information, communication and support services on the go with our elements Mobile App. Whether you need to notify parents of a change in excursion pick up times, inform students of cancelled extracurricular activities for the following day or require a teacher to substitute last-minute for a lesson, your entire community will never miss an important notification again. Capabilities include instant push notifications, real-time news and notifications, timetables, events promotion, up-to-date document, forms, and more.

The Elcom team can also custom build a mobile app according to your specific needs.

Customisable forms and workflows

Save countless hours of administrative work with Elcom Forms and Workflows. Quickly build up and visualise forms by dragging and dropping different fields into forms; allowing staff to quickly create and publish forms without technical input. Make it faster for busy users to fill in forms by pre-populating fields with set answers based on information such as staff ID or department.

Then enable content and forms submitted to follow a process and trigger a request to be reviewed by one or more people before it's automatically approved and/or published. When an action is required, notifications can be sent periodically until the action is completed. Fields can also be hidden or visible at different times of the workflow depending on who is approving the form.

Solutions - Signature Field Image

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As a technology partner for a number of educational institutions, Elcom is committed to evolving the Elcom Digital Experience Platform to provide greater value. From one sophisticated, scalable and easy-to-use platform, all organisations are able to deploy intelligent and engaging fit-for-purpose technologies. Moreover, Elcom integrates with third party databases including learning management, school information and analytics systems, streamlining information management and improving operational efficiency.

Elcom is trusted by Ascham School, The King's School, SCEGGS Darlinghurst, SHORE, Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview, Walford School, CSNSW Sport, Diocese of Lismore, Kinross Wolaroi School, St Margaret's School, PLC Sydney, St Luke's Grammar School, Iona College, Geelong Grammar School, MLC School, NMIT, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, TOP Education, and more.


Why partner with elcom?

Why Partner with Elcom - Certified and Secure

Certified and secure

Elcom is a Microsoft Certified Product and independently tested by VeriTest. Elcom has been a Microsoft Partner for over 20 years. There is complete security within the Elcom platform and all modules interact with each other and respect security permissions.

Why Partner with Elcom - Full service

Full service Australian team

We are an Australian owned and operated business. Our expert project management team of designers and developers will work closely with you to build a customised solution for your needs. After deployment, an account manager and training manager will help you make the most out of your solution.

Why Partner with Elcom - Flexibility


Our team can deliver an end-to-end solution, or work alongside your preferred design agency or in-house team. We offer templated solutions with custom branding for quick deployments to completely tailored look and feel designs.

Why Partner with Elcom - Accountability


The Elcom Platform is our proprietary technology. Our product team takes responsibility of and maintains tight controls over the platform versions. This means you will always have a reliable, flexible and stable platform to use.

Why partner with Elcom - Local support

Local support and helpdesk

Our helpdesk team located in our Sydney head office will provide you with full support for any aspect of the site. Elcom runs a 24/7 support desk for all critical issues and a standard business hours support desk for all other levels.

Why Partner with Elcom - Industry Experience

Experience and industry knowledge

We have been working with the education sector for almost 20 years across a range of solutions. We’re always striving to enhance the functionality of the Elcom Platform to help organisations deliver the highest levels of communication and engagement to students, parents and staff.

Central Hub of Information

Provide an intuitive and easy-to-use central hub

Now it's easier than ever for your community to access and update information, with a self-service easy-to-use platform.


 Connect your entire community

Connect your entire community

Drive engagement and collaboration with personalised homepage dashboards, enterprise social networking tools including team workspaces, social profiles, and more.


 Share News from Any Location Blue

Share news & success stories

Easily communicate with your community via news articles, online project spaces, blogs, email marketing and more. Then setup news feeds for users that can be personalised based on their roles and location.


Deliver services efficiently

Help staff deliver services efficiently

Provide staff with access to up-to-date information, rosters, documents, policies and procedures, from any location and any device.

Manual processes

Automate time consuming manual processes

Quickly and easily setup online forms and workflow processes to help automate time-consuming, manual, paper-based processes.

 Integrate with existing systems

Integrate with your existing systems

Create a central dashboard for users that integrates with and brings in information from existing databases and school information systems, such as Synergetic and Edumate.


Why choose the elcom digital experience platform?

Elcom Platform Benefits - Single integrated platform V2

Single integrated platform

Achieve significant cost savings by using one platform to manage your website, enrolment, multisite, intranet, portal, forms and workflow and mobile app solutions, removing the need for your staff to spend hours learning how to manage and use multiple platforms.

Elcom Platform Benefits - Just Switch it On

Don't build from scratch

With over 100 features, modules and connectors to choose from, no time is wasted building a platform from scratch when employing Elcom’s website design and development services. Modules and connectors can be added after deployment to meet new requirements.

 Central Hub of Information

The interoperable CMS

Elcom has the flexibility to work with other business systems such as Office 365, Canvas LMS, Octopus BI and Synergetic Management Systems. You can choose from existing integrations or let our expert team of developers custom build key integrations.

Industry Resources

Improving the Parent Student and Staff Experience with a School Portal Front Page

Improving the Parent, Student and Staff Experience with a School Portal

In this guide, we look at how you can present information and communication to each group in a mobile-friendly, engaging and personalised way with an integrated portal.

We’ll delve deeper into how students, parents, staff and the administrators responsible for managing these functions can all benefit in distinctly different ways from a modern portal solution.

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Best Practices for Delivering an Exceptional School Website

Your website is an extension of your school. Go beyond standard, text heavy informational websites and build a visually attractive and easy-to-navigate website that enables your audience to achieve what they need - from researching to booking appointments.

In this free webinar, we run through best practices for delivering an exceptional school website for your own school. We will also look at key functionality to boost website performance and ROI.

Watch the free webinar video

School Website Webinar Thumbnail

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