Elcom has a long history of collaborating with NFPs to achieve operational efficiencies and create exceptional experiences for their staff, volunteers, members, clients and donors. Some of the NFPs we work with include WWF, Cabrini, Medical Protection Indemnity Society (MIPS), Asthma Australia, HeartKids, Heart Foundation, Benevolent Society, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Samaritan's Purse and St Vincent's Health Australia.

Elcom can power your website, microsites, intranet, portal eLearning and digital workplace, all from one user-friendly platform, making it an incredibly cost effective and efficient solution. Save previous time and money so your organisation can focus on serving clients, members and donors.

Elcom gives you the flexibility to pick and choose features to suit your current needs, and add in features and deploy new solutions later to meet your future needs; ensuring you maximise your technology investment.

You can also integrate with key business applications to streamline information management and create a truly centralised hub for users.


How can you benefit from the Elcom Digital Transformation platform?

Your Industry

Elcom for the Retail Industry

Connect, support and engage your customers and entire retail workforce - all from one solution.

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Great customer experiences are built on great employee experiences.

In the fast-paced retail environment with high staff turnover and a labour shortage, investing in a solution that gives your staff the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and reach their full potential is key to success.

Yet, delivering timely information and communication to part-time and casual employees, especially those working on the frontline, remains a key challenge, and posting print outs on physical noticeboards are all too common.

Elcom's award winning intranetsportalswebsitesmobile apps and learning management solutions (LMS) that help retailers engage, connect and support their community. 

Retail Store Assistant on iPad

Access for everyone

Gone are the days when you need to be selective with who can access your solution!

  • Unlimited user licensing. Connect everyone to your platform, from casual warehouse staff and retail store assistants, to head office and online support staff, at no additional cost.  
  • No company email needed. Accounts are created directly in Elcom so staff don't need their own company email addresses. Now everyone can stay in the loop with personalised communications. 

How Elcom Supports Clients


We believe in long-term partnerships, not short-term projects.

  • Unlimited support during and post launch. Elcom is here to support you well beyond your project with unlimited support tickets and calls, as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager.
  • Driven by client feedback. As an independent platform we are guided by your feedback. All clients are instrumental in shaping the future of our product.
  • Powers your digital ecosystem. Elcom can power your digital experience ecosystem. Extend your platform to deploy intranets, portals, websites, mobile apps and a built-in-LMS.



Some Retailers We Work With

Elcom is the technology partner of choice for a number of retailers including Spotlight Group, Forty Winks, Vita Group, Mecca Brands and Target Australia., to name a few. These organisations benefit from improved operational efficiency and a more connected and engaged workforce. For more information, see the success stories below.

Forty Winks Intranet Solution Example

Forty Winks Blue Logo

"It was adopted very well. The take on was strong – the current usage compared to usage on our previous intranet shows that with the number of users increasing by 285% over the previous intranet, as well as the feedback we are getting directly from stores. It simply provides our users a better user experience which is the main reason we developed a new intranet. Staff can now find content a lot easier than what they used to and that tells us that it’s delivering on our objective."

Chris Panagiotou, IT Manager, Forty Winks

Read the success story

Vita Group Limited Logo

“Vita Pulse is Vita’s central communication portal, enabling the Vita team to provide a centralised repository of information to 1600 team members across Australia, over five brands – each with their own brand experience – with a heavy mix of frontline team members. Tablet usage is up by a huge 350% and mobile usage is up 150%, as a result of the improved user experience.”

Michael Di Mauro, Internal Communications Manager, Vita Group

Read the success story

Vita Group Intranet
Taking Shape Intranet

Taking Shape Logo

"Partnering with Elcom gave us a really good first time experience, their guidance and responsiveness was incredibly valuable. The Elcom bug tracking system was excellent and their staff's genuine interest in delivering the best solution resulted in a streamlined and painless experience."

Adrian Jacobson, Chief Information Officer, Taking Shape

Read the success story

Take the opportunity to thrive in response to the digital change happening across the retail sector

From enabling support offices to send timely communications to frontline staff and streamlining paper-based processes, to fostering an inclusive and connected workforce, Elcom has you covered.



Elcom Platform Benefits - Just Switch it On

Bridge the communication gap

In the fast-paced retail environment, a lot can change and staff need to be notified fast. Deliver the latest organisation updates, news, mandatory reads, calendar of events and other content to frontline staff, personalised to user roles and locations.

Elcom Platform Benefits - Single Source of Truth

Offer a single source of truth

Delivering great customer experiences, relies on staff having access to up-to-date and accurate information. Elcom gives them access to organisational knowledge, FAQs, policies and procedures, as well as location specific data such as store sales performance.  

Elcom Platform Benefits - A Platform for Everyone

Increase engagement with frontline staff

Promote a positive culture through sharing cross team news, highlighting successes, enabling colleagues to nominate each other for awards, and facilitating discussions in team workspaces, social communities and social feeds.

Elcom Platform Benefits - Streamline Processes Icon

Streamline and simplify HR processes

Say goodbye to paper-processes and lost emails. Give staff easy access to important HR functions including submitting timesheets, checking rosters, reading required notices and requesting leave through forms linked to approval workflows for fast processing.

Elcom Platform Benefits - Training

Onboard new retail staff fast

Launch an onboarding portal and make it easy to get a large volume of new staff up to speed quickly, with access to policies and procedures, manuals, forms and more. Then use Elcom's LMS to create, manage and deploy training and eLearning programs for in-store staff.  

 Central Hub of Information

Seamless experience for staff

Elcom has the flexibility to work with other business systems such as Office 365, your CRM or ERP, and identify provider. You can choose from existing integrations or let our expert team of developers custom build key integrations.

Why Partner with Elcom?

Why Partner with Elcom - Certified and Secure

Certified and secure

Elcom is a Microsoft Certified Product and independently tested by VeriTest. Elcom has been a Microsoft Partner for over 20 years. There is complete security within the Elcom platform and all modules interact with each other and respect security permissions.

Why Partner with Elcom - Accountability

Accountable and secure

Elcom's product team including our Software Director and Product Director take responsibility of and maintain tight controls over the Elcom platform and new versions. This means you will always have a reliable, flexible and stable platform to use.

Why Partner with Elcom - Flexibility

Flexible to your needs

Our team can deliver an end-to-end solution, or work alongside your preferred design agency or in-house team. You can also host the solution on-premise or choose from our flexible subscriptions.

Why Partner with Elcom - Full service

Full service Australian team

We are proudly an Australian owned and operated business. Our local team of Project Managers, Designers and Developers, Customer Success Managers and Training Managers work with you to ensure your solution offers real value to your staff.

Why partner with Elcom - Local support

Local support and helpdesk

Our helpdesk team located in our Sydney head office will provide you with full and unlimited for any aspect of the site. Elcom runs a 24/7 support desk for all critical issues and a standard business hours support desk for all other levels.

Why Partner with Elcom - Industry Experience

Experience and industry knowledge

We have a long history of working with other retailers to deliver exceptional experiences to their entire community, including Anaconda, Dulux Group, Target Australia, Mecca Brands, Local Appliance Rentals and Vittoria Food & Beverage, to name a few.

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