Elcom has a long history of collaborating with NFPs to achieve operational efficiencies and create exceptional experiences for their staff, volunteers, members, clients and donors. Some of the NFPs we work with include WWF, Cabrini, Medical Protection Indemnity Society (MIPS), Asthma Australia, HeartKids, Heart Foundation, Benevolent Society, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Samaritan's Purse and St Vincent's Health Australia.

Elcom can power your website, microsites, intranet, portal eLearning and digital workplace, all from one user-friendly platform, making it an incredibly cost effective and efficient solution. Save previous time and money so your organisation can focus on serving clients, members and donors.

Elcom gives you the flexibility to pick and choose features to suit your current needs, and add in features and deploy new solutions later to meet your future needs; ensuring you maximise your technology investment.

You can also integrate with key business applications to streamline information management and create a truly centralised hub for users.


How can you benefit from the Elcom Digital Transformation platform?

Your Industry

Elcom for Non-Profits (NFPs)

Connect, inspire and engage your community from anywhere and any device.

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Whether you want to better support your staff, volunteers, members, donors or clients and their families; Elcom has you covered.

Elcom has a long history of building non-profit websiteintranet, portalmobile app and learning management solutions. We have a full in-house team of local designers, project managers, helpdesk support, trainers and web development specialists, who are on hand to deliver a fit for purpose solution that solves real business problems, from helping frontline workers easily access resources to improve service delivery, to attracting new donors and funding for projects.

Our CMS for non profits can be used to build all these solutions that are designed to be managed and updated by non-technical teams, making it simple to deliver consistent and up-to-date information and communication to the right people, at the right time, on any device. You can also integrate with key business applications to create a truly centralised information hub for users.

How NFPs Can Support Staff and Volunteers

Support your internal community

Elcom comes with an unlimited user licensing model and accounts are created directly within our platform. This means staff  and volunteers don't need their own company email addresses and everyone can access a seamless personalised interface on any device they choose.

  • Improve staff efficiency. With a tailored non profit intranet, you can provide secure access to up-to-date and personalised forms, policies, knowledge bases, documents, videos and other resources, accessible on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Foster engagement. Make it easy for people to connect with each other through blogs, social Q&A, social profiles, social feeds, team workspace tools, corporate directory and organisation charts.
  • Cultivate a positive culture. Put your mission front and centre by highlighting the contributions of your people and successful projects, promoting new initiatives, as well as sharing news and information from different teams.
  • Simplify HR management initiatives. Create a hub with induction information for new staff and volunteers, automate conforms and complex approval workflows, deliver training for compliance and WHS, manage events and bookings, and more.

How NFPs Can Support Clients

Support your external community

Improve service quality and client experience through better communication, transparency and visibility with a non profit website or portal

  • Improve communication. Enable your community to easily find information relating to your organisation, from services and projects, to service locations and specialist details; on a responsive, mobile first platform.
  • Enhance customer service. Provide clients and community members with access to member portals to update their details, check their history, view notifications, pay bills and more.
  • Generate awareness. Attract clients and volunteers, as well as funding, by deploying unlimited engaging and easy-to-navigate websites and microsites for marketing campaigns. 
  • Increase donations. Deliver a seamless experience with drag and drop forms linked to secure payment gateways and automated workflows to reduce administration required.



Some NFPs We Work With

Elcom is the technology partner of choice for a number of NFPs including Wellways, Youth Off The Streets, WWF Australia, Heart Foundation, Samaritan's Purse Canada, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, Queensland Teachers Union and St Vincent’s Health Australia, to name a few. These organisations benefit from improved operational efficiency, as well as increased donor, member and community engagement, connection and awareness with our CMS for non profits that can used to build a range of solutions. For more information, see the success stories below.

Cabrini Intranet Solution Example

Cabrini Health Logo V2

"Together with Elcom, we have created an internationally award-winning non profit Intranet - ‘Cabinet’. From design to functionality, it has delivered a fresh new platform to engage with our staff. The support from the sales team, project managers and ongoing support desk, has been excellent."

Caroline Ritchie, Intranet Manager, Cabrini

Read the success story

Benevolent Society Logo

“Elcom was a true partner when it came to developing and launching our new website. We continue to work closely with the Elcom team to deliver additional requirements to further enhance the website and are partnering with them on other key projects.”

Louise Genge, Director of Marketing, The Benevolent Society

Read the success story

Benevolent Society Website in Three Devices
Northcott Responsive Intranet

Northcott NFP Disability Service Organisation Logo

"Nula [Intranet] has enabled staff to search for information, policies and people, and find them easily. The taxonomy and integration with other key business systems ensures Nula can truly be an efficient source of truth for key information. These basic needs are difficult to meet in an organisation of our size and geographical dispersion. Elcom were attentive, friendly, helpful and responsive along the Nula journey, thank you!"

Madeleine Donkin, Digital Business Development Manager, Northcott

Read the success story

Medical Indemnity Protection Society logo

"From a care and compliance perspective, to have up to date information and communication housed in a central hub that our disperse and remote workforce can access and is customised to their roles, is priceless to our organisation. We’re really happy to have partnered with the Elcom team."

Kylie Jacques, Marketing Manager, Anglican Care

Read the success story

Anglican Care Intranet

Take the opportunity to thrive in response to the digital change happening across the NFP sector

Move on from rigid, siloed information management and legacy on-premise applications which are expensive to maintain, to a cost effective, low maintenance, cloud based CMS for non profits; one that was built to engage and empower end users.


Why Choose The Elcom Digital EXPERIENCE Platform?

Elcom Platform Benefits - Single integrated platform V2

Single integrated platform

Achieve significant cost savings by using one platform to manage your non profit website, multisites, intranet, portal and learning management solutions, removing the need for your staff to spend hours learning how to manage and use multiple platforms.

Elcom Platform Benefits - Just Switch it On

Just switch it on

With over 100 features, modules and connectors to choose from, no time is wasted building a platform from scratch. Modules and connectors can be added after deployment to meet new requirements.

 Central Hub of Information

The interoperable CMS

Elcom has the flexibility to work with other business systems such as Office 365, Salesforce, HP Records Manager and SAML. You can choose from existing integrations or let our expert team of developers custom build key integrations.

Elcom Platform Benefits - The Perfect Solution for You

The perfect solution for you

The intuitive design, flexibility and functionality enables you to deliver a solution that turns your vision into a reality.

Elcom Platform Benefits - A Platform for Everyone

A platform for everyone

It's easy for administrators to manage and non-technical staff to use, yet also flexible for your technical staff to build on the platform.

 Elcom Platform Benefits - Future Proof


With the ability to add unlimited users at no extra cost and a team at your disposal, your solution will evolve with your needs.

Why Partner with Elcom?

Why Partner with Elcom - Certified and Secure

Certified and secure

Elcom is a Microsoft Certified Product and independently tested by VeriTest. Elcom has been a Microsoft Partner for over 20 years. There is complete security within the Elcom platform and all modules interact with each other and respect security permissions.

Why Partner with Elcom - Accountability


Our product team takes responsibility of and maintains tight controls over the platform versions. This means you will always have a reliable, flexible and stable platform to use.

Why Partner with Elcom - Flexibility


Our team can deliver an end-to-end solution, or work alongside your preferred design agency or in-house team. You can also host the solution on-premise or choose from our flexible cloud subscriptions.

Why Partner with Elcom - Full service

Full service Australian team

We are an Australian owned and operated business. Our team have years of experience on non profit website development and designs and will work closely with you to build a customised solution for your needs. After deployment, an account manager and training manager will help you make the most out of your solution.

Why partner with Elcom - Local support

Local support and helpdesk

Our helpdesk team located in our Sydney head office will provide you with full support for any aspect of the site. Elcom runs a 24/7 support desk for all critical issues and a standard business hours support desk for all other levels.

Why Partner with Elcom - Industry Experience

Experience and industry knowledge

We work with other organisations in your industry including Western Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health Pathology, Medical Protection Indemnity Society, Asthma Australia, The Fred Hollows Foundation, St Agnes Parish, IRT Group, to name a few.

Industry Resources

How to Successfully Drive Digital Transformation in Your NFP - Video Sample

Video: How to Drive Successful Digital Transformation

Digital technology presents exciting opportunities for NFPs to better support employees, improve service delivery levels, boost support engagement and increase donations. However, only 7% of NFPs are taking full advantage of their digital capabilities.

Get an insider's look at how to successfully drive and execute effective digital transformation.

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eBook: Take Productivity and Efficiency to the Next Level

Start transforming the way your NFP operates and deliver better outcomes for your clients.

In this guide, we explore how NFPs can effectively (and realistically) build the capability and infrastructure needed to deliver exceptional employee experiences and take productivity to the next level.

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How Your NFP Can Effectively Build its Digital Capabilities - Website Sample

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