Elcom has a long history collaborating with Australian organisations to help build their next generation digital workplaces. 

These organisations use the Elcom platform to power their intranets, portals, websites, online forms and workflows, document management and training solutions - making it incredibly cost efficient and effective.

Their workplaces benefits from automated processes, powerful information search functionality, increased collaboration, improved productivity and much more.



Here are some of the benefits of the Elcom platform you can look forward to:

Your Industry

Automotive Website & Intranet Design

Deliver Seamless Digital Experiences

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As the preferred technology partner for automotive companies, Elcom is proud to have delivered solutions that have enhanced internal operations and customer service for our clients.

The Elcom Platform is regarded as one of the most sophisticated and flexible pieces of technology built in Australia. Our Content Management Platform can be used to build automotive Intranet, Websites, Micro-Sites, Learning Management Solutions and Mobile Apps. With over 100 different modules to choose from, it can be tailored to meet any organisation’s key requirements. This enables businesses to streamline processes, improve the efficiency and enhance the productivity of their employees – while reducing unnecessary technology expenses.

Elcom comes with an unlimited user licensing model and accounts are created directly within our CMS for government organisations, enabling you to provide access to all new staff as they enter the company without having to pay any additional costs.

Support your employees

Leverage an engaging and intelligent intranet for automotive industries that ensures your employees have access to important information and tools that actively promote productivity, regardless of where they are working from. 

Logistics Industry - Support Your Employees

  • Improve efficiency and automate processes
    Digitising manual tasks processes can help to save time and improve efficiency with Elcom’s logistics, transport and automotive digital solutions. Bring forms online and add workflows for automated approvals, build templates to capture information from frontline staff such as incidences on site and offer eLearning courses that can be completed at any time.

  • Support your frontline and remote workforce with mobile
    Make it easy for your entire workforce including frontline and casual staff to view the latest policies, procedures and key information housed in a central interface. Introduce a dedicated mobile app to take advantage of phone specific features such as GPS, push notifications and real-time news feeds.

Automotive - Support your employees

  • Ensure compliance is met
    Improve the storage and sharing of compliance-related documents, such as safety records, inspection reports and training material with a reliable logistics, transport and automotive intranet. To meet compliance, you can request users click to acknowledge they have read new policies or terms and conditions. Offer online training, eLearning and induction through your intranet with an accompanying learning management system to ensure employees are always on top of the latest requirements and procedures.

  • Improve communication and engagement
    An intranet is a valuable tool for logistics and transportation businesses as it helps close the gap between head office and frontline staff and improve internal team communication. Deliver the latest organisation updates, news, mandatory reads, calendar of events and other content tailored to their roles – all accessible on mobile. Foster a collaborative and engaged culture through cross team news, online communities and social feeds.


Our team have years of experience with automotive, transport and logistics website development and design that drive real business results and connected customer experiences.

Automotive - Support Your Customers on Laptop

  • Improve customer experience
    Offer a compelling experience for customers through engaging and easy-to-use website design for automotive companies. Create dedicated landing pages, micro-sites, sub-sites and multi-sites, set up lead generation forms within minutes to capture prospect details and send regular newsletters to subscribers.

  • Offer a seamless member and client portal
    Build a client or member portal to increase the transparency with your key stakeholders. Provide clients and members with a central location to access and update their account details, support resources, the latest news and bulletins, and important documents, such as invoices and delivery schedules.

Automotive - Support Your Customers on Mobile

  • Enhance user experience
    Features including member portals, premium content, tailored training sources, popular content, real-time search, email marketing, taxonomy and localised content, are a handful of the content management for logistics, transport and automotive capabilities Elcom can leverage to deliver dynamic user experiences.

  • Easy website management
    Empower non-technical staff to manage content through an easy-to-use publishing interface. Enable your team to manage the website more efficiently with add-ons such as our learning management, event management and document management tools.


Hino Central

The cost and time savings are huge for Hino. With the Elcom platform, my team and I can keep adding new solutions and applications to automate manual and time-consuming processes at no additional cost. We managed to set a record and put up a new portal site for fleet customers in days – and for free!

Jack Liu, Department Manager – Information Technology

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Stay current with evolving technology by utilising an adaptive solution to support your logistics business

The logistics and transportation industry is constantly evolving, meaning it is incredibly important for businesses to harness state-of-the-art technology to stay competitive.

Move on from rigid, siloed information management and legacy on-premise applications which are expensive to maintain, to a cost effective, low maintenance, cloud-based solution; one that was built to empower the end user, even one who is not a digital native.

Why Choose The Elcom Digital Transformation Platform?


Why Choose The Elcom Digital EXPERIENCE Platform?

Elcom Platform Benefits - Single integrated platform V2

Single integrated platform

Achieve significant cost savings by using one platform to manage your enterprise portal, website, multi-sites, intranet, portal and learning management solutions, removing the need for your staff to spend hours learning how to manage and use multiple platforms.


Elcom Platform Benefits - Just Switch it On

Just switch it on

With over 100 features, modules and connectors to choose from, no time is wasted building a platform from scratch. Modules and connectors can be added after deployment to meet new requirements.


 Central Hub of Information

The interoperable CMS

Elcom has the flexibility to work seamlessly with other business systems i.e. client records systems, SharePoint, CRM, ERP and LMS. You can choose from existing integrations or let our expert team of developers custom build key integrations.

Elcom Platform Benefits - The Perfect Solution for You

The perfect solution for you

The intuitive design, flexibility and functionality enables you to deliver a solution that turns your vision into a reality.

Elcom Platform Benefits - A Platform for Everyone

A platform for everyone

It's easy for administrators to manage and non-technical staff to use, yet also flexible for your technical staff to build on the platform.

 Elcom Platform Benefits - Future Proof


With the ability to add unlimited users at no extra cost and a team at your disposal, your solution will evolve with your needs.


Why partner with Elcom?

Why Partner with Elcom - Certified and Secure

Certified and secure

Elcom is a Microsoft Certified Product and independently tested by VeriTest. As well as meeting important accessibility standards such as WGAC 2.0, Elcom has been a Microsoft Partner for over 20 years. There is complete security within the Elcom platform and all modules interact with each other and respect security permissions.

Why Partner with Elcom - Accountability


Our product team takes responsibility of and maintains tight controls over the platform versions. This means you will always have a reliable, flexible and stable platform to use.

Why Partner with Elcom - Flexibility


Our team can deliver an end-to-end solution, or happily work alongside your preferred design agency or in-house team. You can also host the solution on-premise or choose from our flexible cloud subscriptions. Regardless, the Elcom team will be with you throughout the project and beyond with our website design and development services.

Why Partner with Elcom - Full service

Full service Australian team

We are an Australian owned and operated business. Our expert project management, design and development teams have years of experience creating automotive web solutions for companies in the industry. After deployment, an account manager and training manager will help you make the most out of your solution.

Why partner with Elcom - Local support

Local support and helpdesk

As a leading provider of website design and development services, our helpdesk team located in our Sydney head office will provide you with full support for any aspect of the site. Elcom runs a 24/7 support desk for all critical issues and a standard business hours support desk for all other levels.

Why Partner with Elcom - Industry Experience

Experience and industry knowledge

We work with other organisations in your industry including Bapcor, Hino Motors, Kia Motors and Volkswagen Group Australia.

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Elcom delivers engaging web solutions for intranets, digital workplaces, websites, portals and learning management.

Our core product is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global site deployments.

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