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Through One Door, people living with mental illness and their families can find an inclusive community, innovative services and advocacy support. For more than 35 years, One Door has designed and delivered expert mental health programs that are now accessible through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The Challenge

One Door Mental Health's website launched six years ago on the Elcom Platform. While the organisation was happy with the platform and vendor, the design and layout became cumbersome and hard to navigate with over 93 links directly accessible from the landing page and primary menus. To find specific offerings, people had to navigate through several categories, types, and programs, which was overwhelming for those who were less tech-savvy. Services offers included NDIS and industry jargon making it challenging for people to understand.

The large and excessive amount of content made it time-consuming to manage the platform and difficult for site visitors to find supports and activities that could assist them.

One Door’s aim was to transition the site from a brochure-like to a more user-friendly "classified" style, enabling visitors to filter down services according to their needs. This enabled the organisation to have one page with all services, making it simple to navigate and attracting new consumers and carers to their services while making maintenance more manageable.

Elcom provides great service alongside all the attributes of the platform we needed. The team in general is responsive and with Elcom's assistance we have transformed our digital presence, creating a website that truly reflects our commitment to supporting and advocating for individuals living with mental illness. Gus Soares, Communications & Marketing Lead
One Door Mental Health

One Door Website Case Study in 3 Devices

The Solution

The key reason One Door stayed with Elcom came down to business continuity and the support they offered. If someone new comes on board at One Door and they need assistance, Elcom’s team - the Account Manager, Helpdesk Support and Training Manager - will be there to train them and support them with their needs. The future-proofing aspect was critical in this decision.

Addressing the issue of ‘I find it hard to navigate the system’ was top of mind for One Door throughout the entire process. After consulting with the many services In-house, a list of curated non-jargon terms encapsulating all services was created. Instead of using the term 'individual support' which is vague, clients can select sleep hygiene, developing a care plan or other service that would make sense for them.

One Door worked with an Elcom Project Manager to create a design based off inspiration given to them and ensure it met their branding guidelines. For example, categories, each with a distinct colour, come across when that category is shown on the website.

The redesigned website offers an intuitive and user-friendly design with easy-to-find resources for those seeking mental health support, as well as clinicians and practitioners who want to know what clinical services One Door offers.

The idea behind the website is for everything to be as simple as possible. For example, the website is simplified from a publisher's point of view and the homepage carousel is now controlled by simply marking a page as a ‘Featured Article’. It then instantly appears on the homepage.

One of the standout features is the new taxonomy and search refinements. Both of which are used on the Find a Service page and allow One Door to organise content in a way that mirrors the users' thought process. If someone is looking for what services are offered, they can find it through the main Find a Service page. Users can search with keywords, as well as filter by category, service, location and setting. For example, if someone searches for peer support, then all services that include peer support will appear from the different categories. Categories are colour coded and it is easy to see what services are available for their needs.

One Door are also using taxonomy and dynamic widgets to display the latest news and updates, as well as offer the ability to search for keywords and filter by results.

Elcom has very strong forms and these have incorporated several forms into the website, facilitating more straightforward interaction between One Door and their users. Each services page has its own unique referral form which goes straight into each team's inbox, which in future could connect to the organisation’s Salesforce CRM.

The Benefits

Move from a “brochure” to a “classified” style website to attract new consumers and carers to One Door’s services

  • One Door has transformed their digital presence, creating a website that truly reflects their commitment to supporting and advocating for people living with mental health challenges. For end-users, the new website is much more navigable and user-friendly. Rather than displaying links to all services on the homepage, services now appear on the Find a Service page and can be filtered down according to their needs.

Facilitate “cross pollination” across services

  • Starting the website customer journey from ‘I need help with’ means it is easy to find all the services available instead of the old website where the options showed them one service at a time depending on what they clicked on. Users can easily engage in more services.

Make it less time-consuming to manage and maintain relevancy

  • The goal was to make it simple to manage and the new website design has achieved that. It is now much easier to maintain relevancy on an ongoing basis.

The platform saves time for the organisation as a whole and assists in increasing memberships

  • Lead generation is more streamlined and efficient. The website simplifies the process for teams receiving enquiries as the information is already captured online and workflows ensure it is sent to the right people. For example, the old website had referral forms where people had to download, write on it, scan it, and send it back to us. One Door has already seen more intake forms coming through and services are already growing. 


Want a PDF version of the One Door Mental Health Intranet success story? Click to download.

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