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Northern Inland Credit Union

Northern Inland Credit Union (NICU) is a community-driven, Member owned mutual financial institution, committed to helping our Members find smarter ways to manage their money. We have over 50 years experience in banking, 50+ years of helping regular Australians achieve their financial goals.

The Challenge

Our existing website was nearing end of life, and we were considering different solutions to help us meet our existing and future website needs. We required a website which was user friendly and included a custom build so we could get the look and feel we desired. An easy to use CMS was a high priority so we could make necessary changes in-house when required.

The provider needed the experience to deliver a well-designed custom website within a short timeframe at a competitive price point. Their platform also had to offer future integration capabilities with our banking system.

After attaining a few quotes and meeting with potential providers, the Elcom solution ticked all the boxes.

Elcom went above and beyond to get things done according to our deadline. The whole project took seven weeks and we still achieved everything we would have if it was a six-month build. We are extremely happy with the quality of the site and what was delivered. Brad Moffett, Digital Marketing Manager
Northern Inland Credit Union

Northern Inland Credit Union - Case Study

The Solution

With the clock ticking, it was a relief to discover Elcom offered what we needed. We had already decided on the new content and navigation structure, along with screenshots of how we wanted it to look. This helped to speed the project up.

The whole process felt easy on our end. It was great having a dedicated project manager who was on top of everything. We received access to the platform early on to review and refine the structure while the Elcom team worked on the design. Elcom then completed the content population, so we simply had to tidy up each page and make small adjustments.

We were blown away by the quick turnaround time. From the start, everyone at Elcom had a can-do attitude. They were eager to help us meet our deadline but made it clear that our satisfaction was equally important. For example, the team often made suggestions on what they thought would be easier for us to manage or better suited to our needs than what it was previously.

The new website is much easier to navigate and is optimised for better usability among vision-impaired users. Everything down to the search bar makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. For example, a PDF with the search term in the content will display in the results, even if the term does not appear in the PDF title.

We designed the website to help users better search and compare products and services that NICU offers. The best example of this can be found on the Home Loan and Personal Loan pages. With this new custom tool, users can easily select different products and see the interest rates, features and conditions for easy comparison. It is simple for our team to go in and update this information in the backend. Scheduling functionality is also available if we need it in the future.

The forms are a big upgrade for us. Previously, forms were on a sub domain, which had a different look and feel. It was clear you were being taken to a different site and it was also hard to track in analytics because it was a separate site. Now the forms are native within the site which is better for consistency.

In our planning for the next 6 months is custom work to enable users to sign up for a bank account online. Currently, the process is manual for both those applying and for our team. There are multiple checks including ID validation that need to be completed. We will be working with the Elcom team to automate this process, with the end point talking to our banking system.

The Benefits

Improved user experience

  • We can see from the data that the flow of information is much better. On the old website, visitors were going to a lot of different pages but time on each page was quite low because they were not finding what they were looking for. Now, visitors are browsing fewer pages, but their engagement time has gone up, indicating they are finding what they need quicker.
  • The new website is already delivering ROI for us. As a result of the improved navigation and user experience, our Contact Centre is receiving fewer calls from users who can't locate what they need on our website.

Easy to use and manage

  • The admin and publishing interface is nice and simple. The platform uses a backend folder system that is reflective of the website navigation which makes it easy for us to go in, find and update content. It’s made a real difference to be able to do everything ourselves, rather than having to contact support for small changes like we did with our previous provider. But also knowing that we can reach out to Elcom's unlimited helpdesk support, and somebody is willing to help, is reassuring.

Reliable and capable provider

  • Prior to engaging with Elcom, we thought we would have to make a few compromises to get the new website built in time. We not only completed the project in seven weeks, but still achieved everything we would have if it was a six-month build. We are extremely happy with what the team delivered.
  • Elcom went above and beyond my expectations. Everyone was helpful and very capable, which was evident throughout the build. It wasn't just a transactional process; it was more about what they could do to help you meet your goals and how they could make it easier to manage the website moving forward.


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