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Catholic Education Tasmania

Catholic Education Tasmania operates 38 schools and colleges across Tasmania, offering students from all backgrounds a quality education enriched by their Catholic faith. Catholic schools reflect and celebrate the diversity of contemporary Tasmania and Australia. They make a substantial contribution to society and to the Catholic Church in Australia and particularly in Tasmania.

The Challenge

Our previous intranet, hosted in-house, was significantly limited in its ability to support our entire organisation. It didn't have the functionality for everyone to have their own login. Staff could only access it at work using generic logins and information couldn’t be catered to their preferences. Increasing accessibility was a key factor for us.

One of the main challenges for staff was obtaining information from various specialists across our four central offices. A lot of the same questions were directed to our central offices and school receptions via email, which wasn’t the most effective use of our resources.

We wanted a new platform that would serve both the providers of information and the end-users. It needed to be a consistent point of reference for staff, accessible on various devices and give them options to customise their experience with features like favourites lists.

The Elcom team absolutely met my expectations. I knew that everything was being taken care of and the project was being delivered according to schedule. If you're looking for a user-friendly platform that's going to deliver value from day one, Elcom is for you. Jill Miles, Marketing and Communications Manager
Catholic Education Tasmania

Catholic Education Tasmania Devices

The Solution

The process of selecting a suitable provider involved a thorough search based on cost, functionality, and support offered during and after the project.

The Elcom platform provided everything we needed. Having what we required built into the intranet from day one was extremely helpful for launching within a short timeframe. Working with an Australian provider, ensuring our intranet information was hosted in Australia, and having access to a local support team for ongoing assistance were also factors for choosing Elcom.

The entire project was seamless, and it was clear from the outset that the platform would meet our needs. The support was outstanding, and we never had to worry about what we needed to do. Our project manager was always on hand if we needed anything and was excellent at coordinating everything. The training sessions were also fantastic. The ability to record them has proved invaluable, as we can timestamp them, allowing staff to find exactly what they need when they need it.

In developing the intranet, we prioritised the user experience to ensure staff could easily find what they needed. We now have an intranet that provides quick and efficient access to necessary resources and advice including a people finder, and knowledge bases with advanced dropdowns and filters for precise search results. Additionally, staff can customise their experience with options like favourites and preferences, so they can locate information that interests them straight away.

Professional learning events are a big component of our service delivery to school staff. The events manager automates enrolments and reminders. We can use the online forms to register people and workflows automatically send a reminder on a certain date. This simplifies the process significantly and alleviates the administrative burden for event organisers.

For new staff awaiting account setup, the intranet offers specially designed pages that communicate vital information without appearing in search engine results.

We’ve also developed a comprehensive induction section for our staff based in central offices, serving as a consistent resource to refer back to at any time.

We're currently rolling out the intranet in stages, catering to different user groups with tailored permission settings to control who can see what. General information is available to all staff, while specific sections cater to particular groups such as central office personnel and senior leaders. We also have a section for publishers with useful hints and tips, enabling them to easily access the tools they need to continue to develop the intranet. Additionally, certain core groups have requested private pages for information sharing.

The Benefits

The Elcom platform’s design and flexibility accommodates the diverse information needs of different user groups within our organisation, providing a personalised experience from a single point of access. This separation ensures that everyone can navigate to the same platform and access relevant information in one place.

We have so many different service areas and resources that staff in our central offices need to be able to share across our 38 schools. The intranet facilitates efficient sharing of services and resources among the various departments within our central offices and our schools, helping to eliminate information silos. The ability to access information anytime, on any device, and tailor it with favourites and preferences has been invaluable for us. The news feature also enhances corporate knowledge by condensing and disseminating information effectively.

A persistent challenge has been the reliance on email, with office personnel often addressing the same inquiries from staff, which wasn’t the best use of our resources. Having a central hub delivering information to people at the moment that they need it saves a significant amount of time for everyone.

The feedback so far has been amazing. The flexibility of the platform is not just helping end users, but publishers as well. It has allowed us to decentralise content management. We currently have 12 publishers and expect that number to grow as we add more information to the intranet. The adaptability of it and the features that it offers work for so many different people in our organisation and work for so many different types of information. We are then able to use security permissions to set the parameters about who can do what on our intranet.

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