Empowering Employees to Easily Find & Share Knowledge

See how you can build a central knowledge base with out-of-the-box Elcom functionality to easily capture, categorise and share relevant knowledge

Are you dealing with corporate knowledge buried in email inboxes, lost in collaboration platform threads or found only in the mind of the resident expert who isn't always available?

Easily capture, categorise and share knowledge with employees by creating a central knowledge base with out-of-the-box Elcom functionality. Then set up permissions so only relevant content is shown to employees. 


  • Features covered: Structured Authoring, Dynamic Widgets, Taxonomy, Search Refine, Security Permissions
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes + Q&A

This is part of our bite-sized product webinar series. In each webinar, we’ll run through a live demo of different features and functionality so you can see how the Elcom Platform can offer additional value to your organisation.

Watch the webinar

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