Get the design, plan, build and budget right for your intranet, the first time around. We discuss what it takes to design a successful intranet.

A great intranet will increase engagement, foster a positive corporate culture and improve productivity.

Following intranet design best practices is fundamental to ensuring the success of an intranet. But the same easily-made mistakes often end with an inadequate, expensive and cumbersome platform with low adoption rates. 

How do you build a platform that helps rather than hinders productivity?

Get the design and build right for your intranet, the first time around. Discover what it takes to design a successful, award-winning intranet.


  • Best practice tips for intranet design and branding
  • Must have features of a great company intranet
  • How to tailor your intranet to each employees needs
  • Where you need to start to get it right
  • Successful intranet examples to inspire your own intranet design
  • An award winning example to inspire your intranet design

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