Deploy intelligent and effective websites, intranets and portals everyone will love, all from the one sophisticated and easy-to-use Digital Transformation platform - Elcom V10.5.

We're excited to announce the new and improved Elcom platform is here! Elcom V10.5 gives you the power to get work done faster, create meaningful experiences for your audience and fast track your digital success. We’ve packed it with highly requested new features and enhancements, as well as extensibility points and API resources to build on and extend the capabilities of the Elcom platform.

What can you expect?

This release introduces several new modules to Elcom such as Tracking Management, IP Geo Location, and the Ecwid Connector. In addition, enhancements have been made to existing features and modules. These include extending Mailing List to support the generation of personalised newsletters, a new Forms Creator Designer, a redesigned article authoring experience, new Training Manager article elements, extensions to user alerts to support personalised subscriptions, and much more.

Elcom V10.5 also includes a large collection of enhancements to Social and Team Workspaces, Events, and Forms as well as a dozen new extensibility points utilising the updated API resources within the Elcom Developer framework to enable greater capabilities to build on and extend Elcom.

Elcom V10.5 Webinar Series

Want to see Elcom V10.5 in action? The Elcom team will be hosting a webinar series featuring live demonstrations of highly requested key features and enhancements. Join us for a closer look at V10.5 and discover for yourself how Elcom can drive results for you and your organisation. Click here to find out more and watch the videos.

Want to upgrade your existing platform or learn more about Elcom V10.5? Simply email or contact your Account Manager.

 Otherwise, scroll down the page to dive deeper into key highlights.



Elcom v10.5 Collaborate Effortlessly V2

Help employees collaborate, improve productivity and create a high performance culture.

Team Workspaces - Work Better and Faster Together
people2Team Workspaces enable members to seamlessly participate in conversations, share documents and interact with one another, regardless of location or device. Add a document list, calendar, news stream, RSS feeds or any Elcom module to build a collaborative environment unique to the needs of the group. Included in V10.5 is the ability to add security groups to workspaces and improved management around workspace administrators. Now your teams, groups and departments can collaborate effortlessly on projects while working better and faster together.

Social – Communicate, Empower and Engage
Elcom v105 SocialV2Take the power of social networking into your intranet or portal, to create a truly collaborative environment. Social comes with My Page, a personalised page allowing you to invite other site members to share status updates, information and post comments.

In this release, the Social module includes emoji and mention support within posts, social stream auto-refresh, post moderation support within the social stream element, social group email notifications, the ability for administrators to delete posts and much more.



Elcom V10.5 Deliver Engaging Experiences V2

Deliver dynamic, personalised and engaging user experiences that drive results for your organisation

Personalised Newsletters Module - Tailor Content and Drive Results
Elcom v105 Personalised NewslettersThis extends Elcom’s email campaign capabilities and lets you create, dynamically customise and deliver personalised emails to engage your audience and move subscribers through the marketing and sales funnel. Emails can be sent displaying completely unique content such as targeted news announcements, messages and promotional information that is interesting and relevant to each subscriber based on their Elcom user account. .

IP Geo Location Module – Localise and Convert
Elcom v105 Geo LocationGeo Location enables websites to intelligently serve localised content to visitors based on their country. Authors will be able to create localised landing page variations, and define which country of origin should see which variation for the different URLs within the website. Now you can offer each visitor a relevant, meaningful experience, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

Ecwid Connector – Fast Setup and Seamless E-Commerce Experience
Elcom v105 EcwidIntroducing the new Ecwid Connector, enabling Ecwid powered online stores to be embedded into Elcom articles through a set of new elements. This includes product and category listings, product searching, as well as a complete shopping cart and checkout user experience. This brings a fast to setup and simple to use shopping experience to Elcom, making it easier than ever to offer a seamless customer experience and ultimately drive sales.

Events Module – Run Complex Events Efficiently
Elcom v105 EventsSeveral highly requested enhancements have been made to the Events Module. The key one being the ability to run complex conference style events consisting of different activities which take place during the event, and for which you would like attendees for register. Other enhancements include more pricing options, additional guest improvements, a content tag for Google Maps support, as well as many user interface improvements. This all works together to improve user experience and reduce barriers to event registrations, leading to higher registration numbers.

You can now also leveage a PCI compliant payment gateway. This means your users can be redirected to externally hosted payment gateway to accept payments and then redirect back to the Elcom site to finalise the transaction. This great addition can also be used within Training Manager. 

Training Manager – Deliver Personalised Online Learning
Elcom v105 Training ManagerTake the fuss out of running training sessions with personalised, streamlined and easily manageable interfaces for each user. Several additions to Training Manager are coming in this release including the ability to create and register for courses, improved certificate generation and management, course completion email, as well as a full collection of new Training Manager responsive article elements for embedding Training Manager content and information into any article webpage. 



Elcom V10.5 Take Productivity to the Next Level V2

Make it easier for employees to get work done through a powerful publishing platform simplifying internal processes and tasks, and take productivity to the next level. 

Form Designer – Quickly and Intuitively Build Forms

Elcom v105 Form DesignerForm Designer introduces a completely new way of designing and building your online forms through an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop style user experience. New panels and fields can be dragged into your form and re-arranged, and field properties edited using a popup editor. Advanced functionality such as how to move between panels can be created by simply dragging and connecting panels together.

Form Creator – Easily and Effectively Capture Data

Elcom v105 Form CreatorLots of major enhancements have been implemented into one of our most popular features – Form Creator.

Designer Tab
The Designer tab enables you to quickly build up and visualise a form by dragging and dropping fields. Once the form is generated you can then use the Form Creator advanced field editing tab to add additional attributes to the fields.

Reference Number Generation
The Unique ID Generator on the Field Formats tab could previously be specified to be a combination of dates, article and form ids. Publishers can now allow the generation of the Unique ID based on the answer to a certain field.

Support for Multiple Folders
Articles can now be saved to a folder based on the answers to a particular field on the form.

Support for Multiple Templates
Templates can now be selected based on the answers to a particular field on the form. For example, in a claims management system if the answer to the question “Type of Claim” is injury, then use the “Injury Claims” template, if the “Type of Claim” is disability then use the “Disability” template.

Other highly requested enhancements to Form Creator include:

  • Field grouping into repeatable sections
  • Upload multiple documents
  • Form Results - can now delete submissions
  • Structured Authoring Enhancements
  • Custom Fields
  • Credit card payment field can be embedded directly in forms
  • Form Creator field content tags now work in articles

Use alongside Elcom Workflows to automate comprehensive audit processes for approval of content and forms for unparalleled workplace efficiency.

Page Layout Designer (Zones) – Design Beautiful and Streamlined Pages

Elcom v105 Page Layout DesignerThe article authoring experience has been overhauled. A new “add element” library is included, making it easier to find and add elements to your page. Users can also edit each page’s layout - rows containing content zones can now be added and removed, authors can design their own page layouts through a friendly drag and drop experience, and much more.

Dynamic Widget enhancements – Aggregate and Display Content Fast

Elcom v105 Dynamic WidgetDynamic widgets can be used to quickly and automatically create news, blog, case studies and other resources feeds, lists of documents, gallery of images and libraries of assets. Introducing the ability to only display items created within a specific time period e.g. the ‘last 3 days’ and within specified date ranges.

Extensibility points – Scale and Extend Your Site without Limits

Elcom v105 Extensibility PointsIntroducing around a dozen new extensibility points to provide more capability for people to build on and extend Elcom, including:

  • Image and document listeners
  • Calendar appointment listener
  • Folder listener
  • Login listener
  • Corporate Directory – Custom people details screen
  • Web API – Forms resources
  • Web API – Workflow resource
  • Web API – Search resource
  • Web API – Lookup table resource
  • Web API – User preferences management

Note: We highly recommend Developer Training be undertaken to take full advantage of our extensibility points.

Structured Authoring enhancements – Create Uniform Content without the Fuss

Elcom v105 Structured AuthoringName and Short Description Generation
The Structured Authoring element previously allowed the publisher to select which field should be used to generate the name and user friendly URL for the article. Publishers can now select a combination of fields for the name field generation, including the answer to a field on the form.
Publishers can also select a combination of field(s) to be used to generate the short description for the article.

Improve Template Processing
Usability on the structured authoring element has been improved. Publishers can now create the article template at the same time as creating the structured authoring template, removing the need to go backwards and forwards between the two.

Taxonomy Tagging
Taxonomy tagging is now available for structured authoring.

Updating Forms
When data on a form linked to a structured authoring element gets updated, the system will now ensure that all that of the comments, related files etc. that are captured for the article are not lost.

Cater for New Form Creator fields
New field types were built into forms in release 10. The Structured Authoring element now caters for these new fields types.

New Structured Authoring Forms admin screen
Admin > Structured Authoring Forms. This enables administrators to browse all structured authoring elements, and for each selected one see its details and all articles that have been created by it.

Tracking Management – Seamlessly Track, Manage and Resolve

Elcom v105 Tracking ManagementTracking Management simplifies the process of resolving issues. Tracking Management extends Structured Authoring capabilities to enable users to generate articles to track and manage internal processes such as incident, performance and issue tracking. Users simply fill in a form which captures all the initial information on what is to be managed. Then an article is created that supports tasks, documents, conversations and status elements – all setup to enable efficient tracking management.

Subscription Notifications - Always stay in the Know

Elcom v105 Subscriptions to NotificationsThis feature brings in the ability to subscribe to and receive email notifications (both email push and digest emails) on new and updated content at the article, folder and social group level. This release also includes new elements to help people discover content they can subscribe to, as well as the ability to display user’s notification feed within webpages.


To upgrade your existing platform or learn more about V10.5, simply email or contact your Account Manager.

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