elements by Elcom, a market leading out-of-the-box school portal and communication solution, has partnered with Octopus BI by Ayra Analytics, a data analytics platform delivering insights on a school’s ecosystem. With this integration, school and user data from the elements portal can be pulled into Octopus BI to build detailed intelligence reports that help schools analyse their data and make informed decisions. These reports can be then be displayed in user-friendly and beautifully presented dashboards in elements. Schools can gather meaningful insights on their students, parents and staff; gaining a holistic understanding of individuals, as well as trends, to better support their needs.

Ryan Bloch, COO and General Manager at Elcom, explains, “elements makes it easy for schools to engage with parents, students and staff outside of the classroom. This partnership opens exciting opportunities for schools to meet all the information and communication needs of the entire community with a single integrated platform. Schools often feel overwhelmed by the vast volume of data that is collected from their technological ecosystem. This integration displays relevant data in elements, making it easy to analyse data and leverage it in a useful way, from improving school operations efficiency to identifying student learning trends, all from one platform.”

Hansa Wijayasundara, Founder at Octopus BI: "Octopus BI fills the gap in schools to consolidate data. Octopus BI converts raw unused data into meaningful insights for teachers, students and parents to use for their critical decision making. The partnership with Elcom brings us the opportunity to deliver seamless data analytics solutions to schools in Australia and New Zealand.”

Octopus BI will have access to the SQL server database that forms the backbone of the Elcom platform and the Elements school portal solution. The SQL server database can be consumed by Octopus BI as a data source to be used for creating powerful dashboards. Relevant school information is presented through colourful, easy-to-understand graphics. Octopus BI can consolidate data from not only Elements but also any integrated third-party solutions such as the Synergetic School Management System. Reports created in Octopus BI can then be embedded in elements and displayed in user-friendly dashboards, so everyone from administrators and teaching staff, to students and parents, can view this data and take quick action to improve underperforming areas.


Example dashboards

Octopus Bi Dashboard 1



Octopus Bi Dashboard 2



Octopus Bi Dashboard 3

About elements by Elcom

elements by Elcom is an easy-to-use, beautifully designed, out-of-the-box school portal with seamless built-in integrations to popular platforms including Canvas LMS and Synergetic Student Management System. Everything from personalised to-do lists, course feedback, attendance records, consent forms and timetables, news and upcoming events to student wellbeing trends and assessment analysis, is included. This enables schools to provide a central information and communication hub for students, parents and staff of all digital literacy levels. Elcom’s Digital Experience Platform also helps organisations deploy successful website, intranet, portal, digital workplaces, forms & workflow and enrolment solutions with third party integrations. Find out more about elements by Elcom here.

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About Octopus BI

Octopus BI is a business analytics platform delivering insights through beautiful data visualisations of your ecosystem. They are dedicated solely to the education sector and specialise in K-12 schools to achieve better learning outcomes for students. Octopus BI data visualisations are built to be tailored to your schools needs, with capabilities not seen anywhere else on the market. Find out more about Octopus BI here


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