St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School has launched its newly redesigned website, built on the Elcom Digital Transformation Platform. St Margaret’s is well known for its focus on academic excellence, quality learning and teaching, and its commitment to pastoral care. A new website was needed to reflect the true breadth and depth of opportunities available at the school.

 “We were using a SharePoint solution, which was developed in-house. From a technical perspective, it lacked the features and flexibility to present the website in the way in which we wanted. Aesthetically, the design was dated and a rebrand of the whole website was required to better reflect St Margaret’s brand and values”, explains Wendy Johnson, Director of Marketing & Communications at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School. “The new website had to be intuitive and simple to use. It also needed to be future proof; continuing to meet our needs while offering the capacity to add an intranet.”

Elcom was chosen for its strong reputation developing sites with well-known and prestigious schools, long term cost effective pricing and strong platform capabilities.


“The Elcom platform is by far the easiest CMS I’ve personally used. Creating and managing pages is simple. We were really impressed with the Elcom forms. They’re easy to use, to set up, to generate a report, to create PDFs and so on. We can also assign different levels of access to people and groups, with an overall administrator of the website who can make changes to the master content”, continues Wendy. The website design is clean and uncluttered, with high quality photographs of all aspects of the school featured prominently. It is both visually stunning and achieves its primary objective of encouraging parents to enrol their children at St Margaret’s.

Wendy further explains, “The website has really met our brand expectations in what we wanted to communicate and achieve. It has a new clean design, beautiful images, easy navigation and a call to action at the bottom of every page. Being able to present the brand in this way, has taken it to a much higher level. We have had people call us, wanting to know who developed our website as it was one of the best school websites they had seen.”

Laura Pereria Flôres, Project Manager at Elcom, adds, “We are delighted with this partnership. It was a great experience working with Wendy. She came to us with a lot of examples and ideas. This along with the knowledge we’ve gained over the years working with Australian schools, meant we could deliver a beautiful and functional website that met St Margaret’s needs, within the required timeframe.”

Read the full St Margaret's case study here. If you have a website project of your own and need some guidance to ensure you meet your key objectives, read our free Website Redesign Best Practices guide.


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