Sydney, NSW: Elcom Technology (Elcom), a leading Digital Transformation provider for over 1000 organisations through website, intranet, portal and learning management solutions, today launched the Elcom Developer Q&A Knowledge Base. This new resource will enable developers to build on their Elcom platform faster and more seamlessly than ever before to create a truly tailored web solution to meet their staff’s needs.

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Ryan Bloch, General Manager and COO at Elcom explains, “Elcom is a completely customisable platform. In-house development teams can build unique features and extensions on top of the existing 100+ out-of-the-box features and modules. It’s important for us to continue finding new ways to support our clients and make their lives easier. Over the past 3 months, the Elcom team have been working tirelessly to transfer much of our internal and accumulated knowledge onto a Developer Q&A Knowledge Base, so our developer community can easily find best practice information and tips to speed up their web projects”.

The Knowledge Base has been designed with usability in mind. Developers can look forward to accessing a clean, uncluttered interface, separated by 3 tabs: ‘All topics’, ‘Browse Topics’ and ‘Browse Tags’ for quick information retrieval. Developers are also given the option of searching by keywords to easily surface information that is relevant to them, and quickly get back to their tasks at hand.

This new resource extends Elcom’s existing robust project and training support capabilities which includes dedicated project teams, face-to-face training and 24/7 support desk for all critical issues, to help clients accelerate web project implementation.

The Developer Q&A Knowledge Base is accessible through the Elcom Reference site, alongside the other great training and support material already available.

Visit the Elcom Reference Site

About Elcom: At Elcom, we design and build intelligent, engaging and user-friendly websites, intranets, portals and learning management solutions that evolve with your digital workplace and organisation. Elcom can deliver an end-to-end solution or happily work alongside your favourite designer, or your in-house development team, and guide the collaborative process. With full access to the Elcom framework and SQL Server database tables, your in-house developers can build additional custom functionality right into your site. Some of our clients include Fairfax Media, VW, Kaiser Permanente. Hyundai and WWF. For more information on how Elcom works with organisations to achieve their digital objectives, visit the Elcom website.


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