How to take advantage of internet opportunities…


n – a global network of millions of computers affording unbelievable opportunities and challenges for business


n – a tool for easily and cost-effectively taking advantage of the opportunities, and managing and meeting, the challenges posed by the internet by facilitating secure, dynamic communications and e-commerce

Traditional business practices just don’t work on the internet. The speed of changing to meet consumer and organisational needs is moving at such a rate that there is a risk of information overload and of branding getting lost in a sea of information as new forms of content, context and communication emerge. Consequently maintaining a website with constantly changing content can be a daunting prospect and that is why Elcom Technology has developed elcomCMS.

elcomCMS is a secure, versatile and easy-to-use software solution that enables easy internet maintenance by streamlining document management, publishing and archiving. It facilitates online collaboration and enables efficient task completion.

elcomCMS is a leading-edge solution which enables organizations like yours to take full control of their internet presence because users can quickly and easily maintain dynamic content using a browser based administration tool.

Capture market share

If your organization wants to capture emerging markets you need to be able to respond to new challenges and consumer demands easily and rapidly. elcomCMS enables you to do this because it puts you in full control of your website content by automating document approval workflows and archiving.

Your opposition is only a click away, so capturing relevant information on your customers and clients as they view your products and services is crucial to the interaction between your business and your customers. elcomCMS allows you to track the usage of logged-in users and view reports on which folders and which articles have been accessed.

Take charge of your web content

Successful websites are well-organized and maintain up-to-date, original content that is valuable and interesting to visitors. They share information that is useful to their visitors by employing news sections and newsletter subscription and they also allow users to login and customize the site to suit their needs. In addition to enabling your staff to easily create and maintain web content using a browser-based WYSIWYG content editor elcomCMS allows them to create newsletters and email them to individual or group subscribers and to track how many are read and how often. It also allows for user login and site personalization.

The best websites are easy to navigate and lead visitors from one point to another along a direct and logical path so they know where they are at all times. elcomCMS automatically creates a breadcrumb trail as well as automatically generating a site map to assist with the navigation process.

elcomCMS offers you multi-site functionality and connectivity from a variety of user interfaces. This means that webmasters or IT staff no longer need to be directly involved, thus giving your organization the control to do business the way you need to.

Seamless e-commerce module implementation

The feature rich modular environment of elcomCMS enables businesses to have a solution straight out of the box. This ensures that there is no loss in translation, thus decreasing the time to web. Effective e-commerce sites must enable customers to easily and securely purchase online and elcomCMS has an easy-to-administer online store module which allows integration to secure communications with multiple payment gateways.

  • Is elcomCMS what your organization needs?
  • Do you want a website that is dynamic and easy to maintain?
  • Do you need an efficient and secure means of managing web content?
  • Do your employees need an easy-to-use, content editor?
  • Would you like to manage online sales efficiently and in a secure fashion?
  • Is it important to you to give your website visitors what they want and to keep them informed of new products or services by using opt-in newsletters?

elcomCMS can fulfill all of these requirements and more. What’s more, as your company’s internet usage increases and your website needs grow, Elcom Technology can integrate other modules from its suite of business tools to assist you to leverage off your web investment.

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