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We’ve given our website a complete overhaul – new site architecture, content and images wrapped up in a cleaner look and feel!

Why we redesigned our website

For Elcom, two reasons stood out to us. Firstly, we reside in the web technology industry. Systems as little as two or three years old are considered outdated, and new features and functionality are constantly emerging. This is great for us as a technology provider with the demand for intelligent and feature rich new websites soaring. And naturally we want to lead by example. We focused on showcasing the Elcom platform to its fullest potential. Our new website utilises the sophisticated and powerful features within the Elcom platform including taxonomy, dynamic widgets, user and group security and much more.

Secondly, we’ve redesigned our website for you. Cliche, but true. We’ll be the first to admit our previous website evolved into something akin to a long term storage facility – cluttered with content from old campaigns, industry events; the list goes on. Before we knew it, we found ourselves with a website weighed down by information – to the detriment of your user experience. We wanted to cut down on the over-complicated architecture and make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and get your job done quicker.

What we did

The new Elcom website is packaged in a minimalistic design, allowing you to easily navigate through the web pages, without being distracted by clutter. Immediately you’ll find clear navigation, simplified sub folders, streamlined menus, elegant search functionality and a responsive layout.

Elcom Website Redesign Search Feature

We know you’re busy and want access to information quickly, so we’ve removed unnecessary and repetitive content and introduced more white space into the new design - giving you room to breathe between elements on the page, making it easier to scan content.

Diving a little deeper

From a more technical perspective, a lot of the website is now taxonomy-driven dynamic content, thanks to widgets. 

At its simplest application, dynamic widgets can be used to quickly and automatically create news, blog, case studies and other resources feeds, lists of documents, gallery of images and libraries of assets. 

Elcom Website Redesign Dynamic Widget Feature

We then combined it with Elcom's taxonomy feature, which is used to create and tag content. This enhances the power of dynamic widgets to filter, refine and browse dynamically pulled content based on the tags.

Why is taxonomy so important? As each of our website visitors brings their own set of unique needs and requirements with them, we’ve realised not all content, specifically connectors, modules and case studies will be of interest to everyone. Taxonomy enables us to offer category filtering on our website. This in turn enables you to filter by solution and/or industry to show only content relevant to your needs. Now you can view, for example, learning management case studies, instead of all case studies.

Elcom Website Redesign Taxonomy Feature

Moreover, if you prefer to see all categories and solutions, but are still interested in understanding what category or solution a module, connector or case study falls into, simply hover over each option.


In the near future, we’ll be rolling out this capability to the blog section as well.

What next?

As we like to remind our readers – the words ‘set and forget’ and ‘website’ do not go together. Your organisation, industry and audience evolve over time, and your website should evolve with it. In light of this, we’ll be constantly testing, optimising and updating the website, with a focus on the design and content elements.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing blog posts which offer key insights into the website redesign journey. Adopt these proven strategies for your own organisation’s successful website redesign.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your feedback. Is there anything else we can do to improve your experience on our website? Simply email marketing@elcom.com.au with your feedback!


The Elcom Marketing team

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