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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Web CMS Platform

17 Dec 2019

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Web content management should be easy, but it’s all too often the exact opposite. Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to update your static website, or are getting frustrated using several platforms to manage your corporate website and internal communications.

We’re here to tell you there’s a better way! A web CMS platform can be the perfect solution for a number of reasons.

Firstly, what is a web CMS platform?

A web content management system (or web CMS) allows you to create, manage and deliver content and information for the web. This might be in the form of a corporate website, portal, intranet, learning management solution or a combination of these, depending on your needs. Enterprise web content management solutions are web CMS platforms designed for use in large businesses and organisations.

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Why should businesses be using a web CMS platform?

There are five compelling reasons why the right choice of web CMS platforms can transform the way you do business.

Reason 1: You can provide a better customer experience

A web CMS can improve your customer experience by enabling non-technical users to information consistently and efficiently. By working with pre-set templates and using an inline editor in the website’s front end with common formatting tools accessible with a click of a button, you can ensure that every new web page looks great and works beautifully, even when published by someone with no HTML knowledge.

You can add secure online forms created via a drag and drop interface to collect important data smoothly and trigger notifications to specific staff to ensure a quick response.

Member only (log in areas) for customers allow you to deliver a personal experience and deliver and collect important customer data 24/7.

You’ll also have total control over your online presence, so can create new campaigns and update content in-house without relying on third parties or developers.

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Reason 2: Your company can work cohesively towards business objectives

Let’s say you want to be able to refresh your website, communicate with your teams on a daily basis, build a corporate directory and train new suppliers or dealers in key policies and procedures. In the past this might have required a number of different platforms and training for each, but with the right web CMS you can use one system to achieve it all. This also enables you to remove information silos across departments and locations, so everyone is on the same page and working cohesively towards the same objectives.

From one easy to use web CMS platform, you can build a website with a member only area for your customers, an intranet for your staff, a portal for your dealers and a learning management solution for all. This makes it easier to manage the content across these solutions, while offering cost benefits for your organisation.

Reason 3: You can integrate your existing processes and applications

There’s no need to radically transform the way you run business in order to improve the way you manage and share information. A well-designed web CMS will enable integration with your current third party applications and open up new ways to use these applications and their data.

Elcom’s web CMS, for example, can integrate with Campaign Monitor to send email marketing; Facebook & Twitter for social marketing; Google Analytics to interpret visitor behaviour; Salesforce for customer relationship management and more. A developer can further customise functionality with free API access to your industry specific application to surface data on your site.

Reason 4: Productivity improves across the board

With one, central web CMS in place your internal productivity is bound to improve. Internal information is easy to update and manage, with intuitive controls so staff won’t get overwhelmed or lost. A web CMS’s intranet functionality can support self-paced training for on boarding or safety programs, freeing up staff resources.

You can automate comprehensive workflows and audit processes for the approval of content, reducing the need for follow-up emails and calls.

Enterprise search means staff can find what they need when they need it, and clear navigation means external and internal websites are both easy to use.

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Reason 5: Staff culture and engagement benefits

By using a web CMS to create a modern intranet platform, you can increase workforce engagement and you’ll likely experience a boost in employee morale and workplace culture. Birthdays can be celebrated, good work recognised and company-wide events easily promoted and managed.

It’s a pleasure to use the intranet system with its clean and modern design, and collaboration becomes an easy and natural process. Staff spend less time searching for old emails and more time helping each other on projects. It’s the way business should run, and the right web CMS platform can help you achieve it.

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