Introducing the Elcom School Portal

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Now you can provide an out-of-the-box information and communication hub for parents, students and ‚Äčteachers of all digital literacy levels

Take off with the Elcom Digital Engagement Platform

With Elcom's out-of-the-box portal solution integrated to key school systems including Synergetic and Canvas LMS, it is now easier than ever to engage with your community and ensure they stay actively involved with your school.

Provide a central point of communication and information for your parents, students and teachers, accessible anywhere and anytime. Everything from personalised attendance records, timetables, exams and assessment results and rosters, to news and upcoming events, is included.

This in turn improves efficiency, and reduces manual processes and administration support required - all through an easy-to-use and cost effective solution. 

Identity Management

Make life easier for your students, parents and teachers by removing the need for them to remember and enter in multiple passwords and usernames.

Elcom’s School Portal allows for single sign-on through your identity management solution, and currently supports:

  • SAML Connector (StudentNET / ADFS)
  • AD Connector

The Elcom portal assumes schools have setup the relationship between their school management system and the identity provider whereby the school management system user ID must be passed through into Elcom via the identity provider - ideally as the username.


Provide consistent communication with students, parents and teachers by offering a seamless experience between your school’s portal and mobile app.

This enables teachers, parents and students to access important information such as calendars, contact details, student records, from any location and device.

Elcom's MobileApp solution will provide the following capabilities:

  • Trigger push notifications for all notifications/alerts
  • Surface news from the portal
  • Surface the calendar data for a given user
  • Surface timetables for a given parent's children
  • Surface notices

Dynamic Widgets

Simplify publishing for your busy staff. The Elcom School Portal lets you quickly add content anywhere throughout your site, with easily configurable feeds of dynamically generated information called widgets.

Each widget provides a specific function such as displaying specific events, news, blogs and other resources feeds, lists of documents, gallery of images and libraries of assets.

Publishers can easily create widgets based on filters including date range, article type and more, while keeping the look and feel standardised and consistent.

Security permissions also ensure viewing and editing privileges are maintained.

Forms & Workflows

Given the sheer number of forms used in schools including enrolment, absentee, excursion permission slips, medical, staff annual leave, expense and online compliance forms, automating these traditionally paper-based forms can save countless hours and minimise data inaccuracy significantly.

The Elcom Form Designer enables you to quickly build up and visualise your form by dragging and dropping fields. In addition, users can show specific fields if they belong to a particular user group and much more.

Combine this with an advanced workflow tool that automatically notifies and requests approval from the appropriate person or team, based on the form fields submitted.


Timetables are at the heart of school life. With the out-of-box Synergetic integration, the Elcom school portal is able to provide your teachers, students and parents with personalised, up-to-the-minute timetable information.

Elcom timetables are displayed in a user-friendly and mobile responsive format, ensuring your users can easily view their timetables from any location and any device. 

This timetable information incorporates both:

  • Standard class timetables
  • Co-curricular classes


Go beyond providing users with general school information. Elcom’s personalised dashboards will transform the way students, parents and teachers interact with your school.

Dashboards enables users to quickly locate and review school information that pertains to them (and their families). New events, notices and notifications are pushed to dashboards to alert users in a timely manner.

The dashboard offers each user certain choices, this includes the ability to select the delivery mechanism for the types of notices they receive such as:

  • General information
  • Priority information
  • Reminders

Calendars & Events

The Calendar all Schools have been waiting for … The Elcom School Calendar includes the following elements, plus much more:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Calendar notifications
  • Specify event attendees utilising security groups
  • Event categories driven by taxonomy
  • Specify a publication date and expiry date for the event
  • All-day events and recurring events
  • Custom approval process that ties into notifications
  • Upcoming calendar events widget displaying events for the coming week
  • Calendar event bulk upload capability

Notices & Notifications

Ensure students, parents and teachers never miss out on any important information, and help them stay actively involved with all aspects of the school.

Two separate and important pieces of functionality for any school portal, the Elcom School Portal will offer key Notification/Alerts, as well as a Notices, capabilities.


  • Triggered when there is a new Synergetic fee statement or student report (Requires Synergetic integration)
  • Triggered when a given Elcom form is due for submission
  • Calendar alerts from the Elcom school calendar
  • Includes mark as read functionality for notifications/alerts
  • Ability to trigger push notifications for each of these notifications/alerts to your preferred mobile app


Introduced as a concept to assist in cutting down of email

  • Quick short messages that can be sent to targeted groups
  • Includes mark as read functionality for notices

Synergetic Information System

The Elcom School Portal provides you with the most advanced two-way integration currently available between any platform and Synergetic.

Our out-of-the-box integration includes:

  • Staff timetables
  • Student timetables
  • Student reports
  • Fee statements
  • Profile pictures
  • My daughter/son element
  • My Profile page for each user type (parents, students and staff)
  • Absence forms
  • Medical forms
  • Photo permissions forms
  • Parent directory
  • School contacts element
  • And more!


What is a School Portal without a Learning Management System? Elcom has partnered up with Canvas to be able to offer you a single view of your Canvas elements* from within the Elcom School Portal.

The following capabilities are included:

  • Recent course feedback - Pulls through course feedback from Canvas for the child's gradings
  • Coming up - Pulls through items coming up for the current week from the Canvas calendar of the child
  • To do - Pulls through assignments/quizzes that are due in the coming week for the child from Canvas
  • Grades - Pulls through grading for courses the child is enrolled in from Canvas

*Canvas elements are only available in the parent portal and the information presented is related to the logged in parent's children.

BI & Analytics

Gather intelligence to create reports, improve performance and provide better experiences for parents, students and staff.

Elcom will expose a standardised OData feed from its School Portal solution. This OData feed can be consumed by an analytics tool (such as Power BI) as a data source to be used for creating reports. The Elcom analytics OData feed will include data from both the School Portal and Synergetic. The data exposed via the OData feed will be defined in a self-explanatory manner such that the school can create reports quickly and efficiently utilising their preferred analytics tool.


"What has really impressed me is Elcom’s ability to understand the needs of our school. Their expertise has enabled us to improve on our initial ideas, and has exceeded our expectations in terms of the custom solution that has been delivered. It has been a great collaborative effort".

Jennifer Sharman, Director Information Technology, Ascham School

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We found that Elcom team members take their expertise, and professionally, enthusiastically and sincerely apply it to our business needs and are very solution focused on behalf of their client. They are always responsive to a client’s needs and very supportive.

Wendy Johnston, Director of Marketing & Communications, St Margaret's Anglican Girls School



 Making it Work For You

Using the Elcom platform, our team can deliver an end-to-end solution, or happily work alongside your preferred design agency or in-house team. 

Elcom will be with you throughout the project and beyond. You will have a dedicated team guiding the build and deployment. Then a training manager, account manager and helpdesk team to maximise your portal investment.