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Empower your staff to work better and faster with the Elcom CMS platform


We're proud to say that Elcom is an Australian owned and operated business. The Elcom team have been building personalised intranets, websites, portals and learning management solutions for over 20 years - and all from our powerful and intuitive content management system (CMS).

This makes it incredibly efficient and cost effective for medium to large organisations.

We've spent countless hours perfecting our CMS; it's easy for non-technical staff to use, but flexible for your technical staff to build on the platform as needed. We've also built it to be modular so you can keep adding new modules, connectors and sites at anytime, so it keeps growing with your evolving needs.

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Powerful out-of-the-box features

The Elcom CMS platform was built to be powerful right out-of-the-box. It comes standard with over 90 base features:

  • Publishing and design. Easily create and edit new pages based on templates. Use dynamic widgets to automatically display new types of content on relevant pages. 
  • Process management. Manage documents, forms and workflows, images and other content in a central repository. Access via an intuitive search tool.
  • Security and administration. Manage access to folders and features for different users and groups. Provide personalised homepages based on groups.

Designed for all users

Non-technical from different teams can easily maintain their own webpages, while technical users can design and develop custom areas to suit your needs.

  • In-line editing lets you quickly create and update content on the fly, with full WYSIWYG editing menu.
  • Backend folder structure mimics the site navigation enabling users to quickly locate webpages.
  • Designers have full access to HTML and CSS and can leverage javascript to customise designs, and developers have access to an API to build on the solution.

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Add modules only when needed

Modules can be added and rolled out as needed so you don't pay for what you're not yet using. Key modules include:

  • Training manager. Manage the entire training lifecycle for all training types from a centralised online learning hub, with your own admin dashboard.
  • Events manager. Simplify the process of organising public and private events, supporting attendance limits, credit card payments, SMS reminders and more.
  • Membership and My account. Enable your customers and/or members to manage their own accounts online, significantly reducing your admin and customer service costs.

Scale your solution as needed

Elcom is designed to be future proof. It is scalable, modular and continuously evolves with your growing needs.

  • Add an unlimited number of users at no extra charge.
  • Run multiple intranet, portal, website and micro-sites from a single installation of the platform.
  • Manage your sites in different languages.
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Seamless Integrations

Create a seamless experience for users by integrating your existing systems with Elcom, and surfacing important data. Elcom integrates with:

  • Key business systems such as CRMs, learning management systems and customer support systems.
  • Popular solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory, SharePoint and Office, as well as Marketo, Dropbox, Ephox, Amazon AWS CDN and more.
  • Industry specific solutions such as school management systems, practice management software and more.

Making it Work For You

Our team can deliver an end-to-end solution, or happily work alongside your preferred design agency or in-house team. You can also host the solution on-premise or choose from our flexible cloud subscriptions. Regardless, the Elcom team will be with you throughout the project and beyond. 

Our full service Australian team of project managers, designers and developers will work closely with you to customise the solution to your specific requirements and custom build specific features and integrations as required. 

Then when you're ready, a dedicated account management, training manager and helpdesk support team are on hand to get your publishers and technical staff up to speed on how to make the most of your new solution.

We're serious about getting it right for our clients. Whatever you need to meet your digital and business goals, we will make it work for you.

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