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Simplify and speed up existing business processes, while reducing costs with an easy-to-use drag and drop forms creator and sophisticated workflow routing engine.
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Existing processes slowing you down?

Repetitive manual processes are time consuming to follow through with, cause processing delays, and lead to inaccurate data entry that eventually needs to be corrected.

Online form and workflows are incredibly powerful capabilities for simplifying and automating previously manual and time-consuming tasks.

Given the sheer number of forms used in organisations today, from staff annual leave and expense claims, to professional learning and incidence tracking, automating these traditionally paper-based forms can save significant time, cut costs, free up resources and increase productivity. Empowering your people to focus less on administrative tasks and more on work that matters.

How We Help - User-Friendly Drag and Drop Forms

Build Forms in Minutes

Online forms save countless hours in having to manually capture data, enter it into systems and follow up with the necessary people.

  • Create secure forms in minutes. Quickly build up and visualise forms by dragging and dropping different fields into forms; allowing staff to quickly create and publish forms without technical input.
  • Personalise form answers. Make it faster for busy users to fill in forms by pre-populating fields with set answers based on information such as staff ID or department. Add customised dropdowns in a form based on what a user selects.
  • Use smart panels to minimise form length. Don’t overwhelm users with unnecessary fields. Add panels to show / hide additional fields and information based on a field option the user selects.

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Access Advanced Form Features

Take advantage of the sophisticated functionality found in Elcom’s powerful form functionality to take forms and data capture to the next level.

  • Personalise forms for different groups. Create a form with fields that are only visible to a group of users. You can also hide or display entire forms to ensure the right form is shown to the right group.
  • Capture signatures for compliance. Add a signature field to your forms so users can electronically sign their forms with an uploaded signature or via a touch-screen device such as a smart phone with their mouse, finger or stylus.
  • Capture and process payments. You can add a payment field to collect credit card details or link forms to externally hosted bank systems to capture and process payments.

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How to Overhaul Inefficient Processes with Online Forms & Workflow Automation

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Online Forms & Workflow Automation Webinar Video

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Add Sophisticated Workflow Rules

Lost forms, long processing details, confusing email threads and repetitive processes are a thing of the past - offer unparalleled workplace efficiency.

  • Automate the approval process. Enable content and forms submitted to follow a process and trigger a request to be reviewed by one or more people before it's automatically approved and/or published.
  • Speed up approvals. When an action is required, notifications can be sent periodically until the action is completed. Fields can also be hidden or visible at different times of the workflow depending on who is approving the form.
  • Create routing rules. Workflow paths can change based on form answers or the profile of the user who submitted the response. Workflows can be skipped, reassigned, passed to another user, moved back or terminated early based on these actions.

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Fast Content Generation

Bring automated content creation to business processes, from faster publishing to better tracking management.

  • Automated content creation. Quickly design a form that will automatically publish standardised articles based on the form’s values end users have submitted on submission, with support for approval workflow if needed.
  • Automate the support function. Quickly assist users and track their support issues. Users simply raise a support request by filling in a form. This triggers support tasks to be performed to enable efficient tracking management.
  • Make event management a breeze. Make it easy for users to share and promote events, by enabling them to create a new event via filling in a form which is then published after it is approved by an administrator.

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Easy Management & Reporting

The added benefit of digitalising your forms and automating workflows is the automatic accountability and visibility it brings to your organisation.

Make processes transparent for end users. Present all or part of form information submitted back to the user in a searchable and filterable listing view. This enables them to view how the form is progressing through different stages.

Make it simple for publishers. Add forms on multiple pages, add security permissions to restrict viewing, highlight fields if the answer was modified, add in checklists to ensure approvers tick off a list of items before they approve a form and more.

Visibility for administrators and managers. Monitor and keep track of all forms and workflows including the outcome of completed forms. Schedule reports to be sent to appropriate managers on a recurring basis.

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The support provided by the Elcom team, combined with the functionality and affordability of the Elcom platform, got us to market quickly, which was key to our success.


Paul Sinclair, National IT & Strategy Manager
Raine & Horne


What's inside

Digital Asset Management, 21st-Century Style

If content is king, then managing content is definitely queen. That’s why digital asset management is at the heart of Elcom’s Intranet software. All your documents, images, content (and even style sheets) are version controlled and simple to manage. Libraries allow lightning-quick searches and filtering on all kinds of criteria.

Get People Talking and Your Business Moving

Maintain a vibrant, social-driven heartbeat in your organisation. Elcom’s Intranet software incorporates a social layer that allows social profiles, real-time status updates, commenting and interaction on blogs and other content, and much more - all to make things easy (and a little fun) for your people.

Automate Your Forms and Workflows

Managing forms and approving content can be a time-consuming exercise. Use a drag and drop interface to quickly design detailed forms. Automate all your approvals by setting up workflows that handle serial or parallel processes with ease, and comes with a powerful rules engine to adapt and branch workflows based on the submitting user and other details.


Harness the Power of Your Information

Without information, everything stops. Help your people find what they need in seconds with real-time search tools. Search on keywords, taxonomy or build pre-defined queries for common searches. For departments or subsidiaries, create personalised views to make common searches as simple as “click-click-found”.

People Powered Publishing

Elcom is designed to be used by non-technical publishers. Users can edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, which keeps the context for the user as they make updates. Combine this with Elcom's dynamic widgets to automatically display this new content anywhere throughout your site in aggregated blog, event, news and other related feeds.

Find The Right People Fast 

Finding the right person to assist you has never been easier. Set up completely configurable directories and organisational charts, where you want it and how you want it. Add details for external experts and partners, staff reporting structures, and additional information including areas of expertise. Integrate with Active Directory or other identity provider to ensure contact details are always up-to-date. 

Why work with Elcom

One Site, Power Many

Run as many websites, portals and intranets as you want, all from a single installation of the Elcom CMS, simplifying site administration, while saving you time and money.

Don't Build from Scratch

Out-of-the-box features let you get your intranet off to a running start, and Elcom gives you plenty of these. Then add in new functionality at anytime as your teams’ needs change or grow.

Tailored to Your Every Need

No two intranets are the same. Choose the out-of-the-box features you want to use, while your developers can customise these or build on new functionality with free API access.

Build the digital workplace your staff deserve with the platform.

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