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Bring your intranet, website or portal experience into a dedicated mobile app and take engagement to a whole new level.
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Extend the capability of your Elcom site

Provide instant access to personalised real-time information, communication and services on the go.

With the Elcom Mobile App, you can deliver exceptional experiences faster and more conveniently - backed by a company with over 20 years of content management experience.

Deliver the full functionality of your intranet, website or portal, alongside the added benefits of a dedicated app into the hands of your audience - consolidated into one easy-to-use, beautifully presented interface.

Whether you need to connect your staff to company resources, give members self-service access to their accounts, deliver a great experience to customers or engage with your community - the Elcom Mobile App can help you achieve your business objectives.

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Secure and Reliable

Mobile-first design. The dedicated mobile app is designed to be viewed on mobile only and follow the specific requirements of each mobile device operating system. We ensure that all functionality works well for both Android and iOS platforms, which accounts for 98% of the mobile market.

Fast and responsive. Much of the content on the mobile app is already pre-downloaded on the user's device, making it faster to use and navigate from page to page. It can also be accessed while the user is offline in case they need to quickly access account information while not connected to the internet.

Easy and secure access. The Elcom app will request a single login and allow users to remain logged in for future visits, making it seamless to access their app content. The app supports login using a user’s standard site credentials or through a third-party tool such as authentication via Facebook.

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Easy to Maintain

Easy for publishers. The Elcom Mobile App is extension of your Elcom site and shares the same database of information. This means your publishers only need to update your site and these changes will instantly be updated in your mobile app, saving them countless hours in double handling information.

Easy for administrators. Administrators enjoy the same admin privileges on the mobile app as they do on their site. In addition, they also have control over what types of notifications are pushed to the mobile screens of a group of users.

Security and user permissions. Any security groups and user permissions set up on your site is honoured by the mobile app. This includes everything from the content a user sees, to the functionality and features they’re able to access.

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Workforce Guardian

The new app allows employees to quickly access work related information and perform a range of tasks. This includes viewing rosters, providing timesheets and submitting leave requests.

Read the full case study


Workforce Guardian Portal and Mobile App case study

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Seamless User Experience

Up to date documents and compliance. Make it easy to access and view the latest documents and articles such as policies, timetables, event calendars, rosters and product information. To meet compliance, you can request users click to acknowledge they have read new policies or terms and conditions.

Intuitive forms and workflows. Capturing form information including annual leave, payments and enrolments, is simple. Once submitted, the appropriate people can automatically be notified. Access advanced tools such as personalised form fields based on user groups, online payment processing and digital signature capture.

Self-service account management. Let members securely access and update their member details, while keeping track of information relating to their account. View billing and payment details, check upcoming events and activities, read notifications, submit customer service tickets, and more.

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Unparalled Engagement

Push notification alerts. Ensure your audience never miss out on an important update again. Instantly publish notifications directly to mobile phone home screens to prompt users to view updates and respond in a timely manner if required.

Real-time news and information. Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience, without any extra administration effort. Offer personalised updates and messages to segmented audiences, avoiding the need to send mass emails that get lost in inboxes.

Tap into system resources. Take advantage of mobile phone functionality such as GPS, camera function, messaging, calendars and more in your app, to make it as valuable and convenient to use as possible for users. Easily promote events by sending alerts and reminders.

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Elcom was incredibly flexible and met all of the challenges of implementing this project head-on. They have created a system that meets all of our business needs, with continued room for growth


Balasundaram Kothandaraman, General Manager ICT
Hyundai Australia


What's inside

People-Powered Publishing

Adding or editing content shouldn’t be difficult. With Elcom, it isn’t. Your users quickly and efficiently manage content without needing technical skills. What’s more, they can edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, which removes the need for back-end navigation and keeps the context for the user as they make the update.

Harness the “Amazon Effect” To Draw A Crowd

Amazon’s success has put personalisation in the spotlight. With Elcom, you can take advantage of powerful features such as tags and categories, multilingual capability, and content personalisation to deliver a truly personal experience for your customers, whether they’re on your website or getting your emails.

A Platform For Everyone

The last thing you want to be doing with a new website is spending days tailoring and tweaking your platform to get it working. Have your team creating pages and content for your site with ease. Developers can spend the time to access APIs and technical features and build tailor-made pages and areas that enhance the customer experience even further.

Managing Events is a Breeze

There are a lot of moving parts to events - from set up through to promotion.  Access a host of features from online registrations and workflow components to notify relevant parties, online payments and resource bookings. Managing events has never been easier.

An Inclusive Website Experience for All

A website should be accessible to all regardless of any disabilities. All of Elcom's base administration screens, the core authoring experience and selected modules are AA compliant, enabling equal access to information and functionality for all your website visitors.

Keep Your Most Valuable Audience Happy

Deliver a smooth customer experience for clients by letting them manage their accounts at their convenience including paid membership and renewal handling, member profile management, email marketing, event interaction and more.


Why work with Elcom

Peace of mind

Elcom brings over 20 years of experience in the content management space to make sure we deliver a successful mobile application alongside your intranet, portal or website solution. We pride ourselves on being a long term technology partner focused on performance, reliability and usability.

Tailored to your needs

Out-of-the-box features let you get your site off to a running start. We can help you with UX, development and optimisation of a complete web and mobile application. Our developer team and strong API means that we can extend beyond the platforms native capabilities and build custom integrations as your needs grows.

An all-in-one solution

Run as many websites, portals and intranet solutions, from a single installation of our CMS. Then enhance its capability by introducing a mobile app, which is updated automatically via your site. Add on new modules, integrations and complete solutions as needed. This simplifies administration, while saving you time and money. 

Interested in a website design and development company, with 20+ years commercially proven experience in website redesign services?

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