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Building Intranets That Work

We are an Australian owned and operated Intranet CMS service provider, with experience deploying intranets across all industries for over 20 years.

Whether you're looking for a straight out-of-the-box intranet or a custom built solution, our in-house team of business analysts, project managers, designers, developers, trainers and helpdesk support will guide you through the project and be on hand to support you after your intranet launches.

Our Intranet CMS comes with 90+ base features and integrations to build an intranet solution that lets them do their jobs better and faster. You have access to enterprise features including dynamic widgets, enterprise search, document management, social elements, sophisticated forms and workflows, security permission groups and more.


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Intranet Solutions - Centralised Ecosystem

Turn Your Intranet Vision Into Reality

The intranet is the foundation of a modern, digital workplace; supporting your teams in a connected, “always on” environment with centralised access to the easily searchable up-to-date resources, from any location and device. 

From user-friendly forms, workflows and document management, to sophisticated security settings for different user groups and personalised interfaces, Elcom makes developing this pivotal part of your workplace a breeze.

  • New features, modules and connectors can be rolled out at anytime to your existing site.
  • Add an unlimited number of users to your intranet at no extra charge.
  • Run multiple intranet, portal, website and micro-sites from a single installation of the platform.

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Invest In Your Culture

No matter what industry you’re in, your business is ultimately about people. And that’s exactly what the Elcom intranet solution helps you focus on.

Whether you’re featuring stories on team members, highlighting initiatives, providing online training, promoting events or encouraging user feedback, your intranet can play a vital role encouraging a strong, people-centric culture.

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Website Solutions - Team Workspaces for Collaboration

Take Collaboration to Another Level

All the features in the world won’t help you if it requires a team of developers to set anything up. That’s why we designed Elcom to let you start creating pages and content from day one, while developers can build and customise more the more powerful, sophisticated parts of your site as needed.

With a powerful intranet CMS in your hands, it’s easy to power your teams. Use private and public social streams to spark discussion, team workspaces to share documents and ideas like it was second nature, and content collaboration that makes working together easy.

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How We Help - Integrations

Built To Be Part Of Your Ecosystem

We understand that no system is an island, which is why Elcom is built to smoothly integrate into your existing environment.

Access built-in integrations to Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Amazon AWS, Salesforce and more. You can also extend on the Elcom platform and build new integrations to your existing systems to build a connected ecosystem.

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It’s a strong and stable CMS platform with a great team of support staff working alongside you, guiding you through implementing the intranet you want.


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What's inside

Digital Asset Management, 21st-Century Style

If content is king, then managing content is definitely queen. That’s why digital asset management is at the heart of Elcom’s Intranet software. All your documents, images, content (and even style sheets) are version controlled and simple to manage. Libraries allow lightning-quick searches and filtering on all kinds of criteria.

Get People Talking and Your Business Moving

Maintain a vibrant, social-driven heartbeat in your organisation. Elcom’s Intranet software incorporates a social layer that allows social profiles, real-time status updates, commenting and interaction on blogs and other content, and much more - all to make things easy (and a little fun) for your people.

Automate Your Forms and Workflows

Managing forms and approving content can be a time-consuming exercise. Use a drag and drop interface to quickly design detailed forms. Automate all your approvals by setting up workflows that handle serial or parallel processes with ease, and comes with a powerful rules engine to adapt and branch workflows based on the submitting user and other details.


Harness the Power of Your Information

Without information, everything stops. Help your people find what they need in seconds with real-time search tools. Search on keywords, taxonomy or build pre-defined queries for common searches. For departments or subsidiaries, create personalised views to make common searches as simple as “click-click-found”.

People Powered Publishing

Elcom is designed to be used by non-technical publishers. Users can edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, which keeps the context for the user as they make updates. Combine this with Elcom's dynamic widgets to automatically display this new content anywhere throughout your site in aggregated blog, event, news and other related feeds.

Find The Right People Fast 

Finding the right person to assist you has never been easier. Set up completely configurable directories and organisational charts, where you want it and how you want it. Add details for external experts and partners, staff reporting structures, and additional information including areas of expertise. Integrate with Active Directory or other identity provider to ensure contact details are always up-to-date. 

Why work with Elcom

One Site, Power Many

Run as many websites, portals and intranets as you want, all from a single installation of the Elcom CMS, simplifying site administration, while saving you time and money.

Don't Build from Scratch

Out-of-the-box features let you get your intranet off to a running start, and Elcom gives you plenty of these. Then add in new functionality at anytime as your teams’ needs change or grow.

Tailored to Your Every Need

No two intranets are the same. Choose the out-of-the-box features you want to use, while your developers can customise these or build on new functionality with free API access.

Build the digital workplace your staff deserve with the platform trusted by Fairfax Media, Hyundai, WWF and other global brands.

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Our core product is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global site deployments.

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