Elcom Intranet with SharePoint Integration

Discover how integrating SharePoint with Elcom's intranet platform can revolutionise your business operations.

Elcom's intranet platform, integrated with SharePoint, is a game-changer for businesses seeking streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

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Unlock the Full Potential of SharePoint

Our solution is not just about bringing together two powerful systems; it's about creating a unified, user-friendly experience that transforms the way your team works, streamlining processes and fostering a collaborative work environment.
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Increased Employee Productivity

Leverage the power of SharePoint integrated with Elcom to provide easy access to essential documents within the contextual environment of your intranet.

Elcom’s integration with SharePoint offers a seamless interface where you can:

Sync and Surface SharePoint Documents:
Easily synchronise with and display documents from SharePoint directly on your intranet. This integration ensures that the latest versions of documents are always at your fingertips.

Intuitive Document List element:
Incorporate the contents of a SharePoint shared documents folder on any page within your intranet, making it easier for employees to find and use important documents within contextually relevant pages.

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Efficient Document Management: Add a document list to articles with a simple page element. Quick configuration via a drop-down list of the available SharePoint sites in your SharePoint online tenant.

Direct Document Access: Clicking on a document or folder name within the SharePoint document list element navigates directly to that item in SharePoint. Users can open documents within Microsoft 365 for collaboration or download them for local access, streamlining the document management process.

Security Permissions: Take the SharePoint credentials of the logged in user into account when viewing documents via the SharePoint document list to ensure that the appropriate SharePoint security permissions are applied.

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Improved Employee Efficiency

Create a unified search center, making it faster and more efficient for employees to find with they’re looking for.

Bring SharePoint search into the Elcom platform:

Search all Shared Documents: Quickly perform searches for SharePoint documents directly within Elcom via a SharePoint tab that appears in search results.

Edit or Download Options: Open documents for editing within Microsoft 365 or download them directly from the search results, offering flexibility and efficiency.

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Tabbed or Stand-alone SharePoint Search Results: Two distinct implementation options for SharePoint search results. SharePoint search results can either be implemented via a standalone SharePoint search or, they can be driven by a unified interface that will quickly let you swap between Elcom search results and SharePoint document search results via a tabbed interface for quick and easy access.

Real-Time SharePoint Document Search with Security: The SharePoint document search displays real-time search data, adhering to user-specific security permissions. This ensures that employees only access files they are authorised to view in SharePoint.

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Elcom’s Intranet Packaged Solutions

Elcom’s new Intranet Packaged Solutions are tailor-made for organisations aiming for quick, cost-effective intranet deployment, without compromising on design or functionality.

Highlights include:

  • They are designed to be managed and updated by non-technical users. This means you do not need a dedicated in-house developer or IT support to maintain the intranet.
  • All accounts are created directly within Elcom, meaning you do not need company email addresses or Active Directory accounts for users.
  • Coupled with the unlimited user licensing model, you can provide intranet access to everyone from Christmas casuals to volunteers and board members.
  • These features alongside the SharePoint Connector not only enhance productivity and collaboration but also ensure a seamless, integrated experience that respects and utilises existing security protocols and permissions.
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Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in intranet solutions, Elcom is your trusted partner in digital workplace transformation.

Customisable Solutions

Our platform is highly adaptable, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements and goals.

Unparalleled Support

We provide comprehensive support and training, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success for your team.

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