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Your Gateway to AI-Powered Content Creation

Want to have a team of expert writers and editors at your fingertips?

With Elcom’s new OpenAI Connector, you can access our AI Content Creator to streamline the content creation process with efficiency and ease, allowing for high-quality content to be crafted in minutes.

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Elcom Open AI Content Creator

Elevate Your Content with AI 

The OpenAI Connector is not just a tool; it's your new assistant in crafting engaging and effective content, without the usual hassle.

With our tool, you gain access to:

  • AI Content Creation: Generate engaging, high-value content in seconds with a few commands. From quick outlines to comprehensive narratives, our AI seamlessly enhances writing quality, ensuring consistency in grammar, tone, and style.
  • Multilingual Support: Address the needs of a diverse, global audience by translating highlighted text into any language. Our tool supports over X languages, enabling you to reach your audience, regardless of linguistic barriers.
Elcom Open AI Connector Content Editor

Streamline Editing with Precision 

Our AI Content Editing suite simplifies the refinement process, allowing you to:

  • Edit and Summarise: Instantly condense lengthy texts into concise summaries. This feature is invaluable for distilling essential information from documents, articles, or leadership communications.

  • Language and Tone Refinement: Choose from several options to refine tone and formality, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience. Whether simplifying complex information or aligning brand stories, our AI ensures your message is clear and impactful.

Elcom Open AI Connector Settings

Empower Your Admins

Elcom's OpenAI Connector is built with administrative ease in mind:

  • Customisable Admin Controls: System administrators have the flexibility to adjust settings, refine content options, and even select the AI model and system prompts used. This level of control ensures that content creation aligns perfectly with organisational needs.

  • Insightful Reporting: Monitor and manage AI-generated content with comprehensive reporting tools. Stay informed on how AI is enhancing your content strategy and make data-driven decisions to further improve your content's effectiveness.



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