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Maximise your Microsoft investment using Elcom. Provide a one-stop shop to access and share resources, engage in collaboration and streamline workflows – all on a seamless interface.

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SharePoint Connector


Enhance Information Flow & Sharing

Elcom's integration with SharePoint revolutionises the way information is shared and accessed across your organisation.

  • Real-time Access: Sync and Surface SharePoint documents and folders in real-time, so employees can find and access the latest SharePoint documents within contextually relevant pages on your intranet.
  • Efficient Searches: Quickly perform intranet searches for SharePoint documents, with real-time data enabling quicker and more effective document retrieval.
  • Tailored Security: Adhere to user-specific security permissions so employees are only shown files they’re authorised to view, maintaining confidentiality and security.


Microsoft Teams Connector


Foster Collaboration & Connectivity

Integrate Teams directly into your intranet to centralise team interactions and resources, enhancing collaboration and connectivity without the need to switch applications or contexts.

  • Unified Communication: Staff can view all their Teams channels within the intranet, allowing for real-time messaging and seamless communication.
  • Easy Document Sharing: Access and collaborate on files with ease. Staff members can see all files from channels they are a member of, as well as channels for a specific team
  • Contact the right person at the right time: Directly message colleagues from their intranet profiles, with visibility into their availability thanks to Teams presence/status indicators.


Azure AD Connector

Micrsoft Entra ID & AD

Streamline Authorisation and Security

Whether through Elcom's integration with Active Directory or using SAML connector to login using Microsoft Entra ID/Azure ID, your network environment becomes more secure and efficient, automating processes for user management and ensuring seamless access with Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Seamless Integration: Integrateinto your Windows based network environment.
  • Automated User Management: Simplify the creation and deletion of user accounts in your intranet, with automatic synchronisation from Active Directory.
  • Easy SSO: Use a single set of credentials for connected applications so staff don't need to remember multiple passwords and are they are automatically logged in.


One Drive Connector

Office & One Drive

Access and Collaborate on Productivity Tools

Directly access, search, and manage documents stored in Microsoft 365 OneDrive from Elcom, and enjoy streamlined editing and collaboration on Office files.

  • Seamless Document Access: Directly view, search, and download OneDrive documents from the intranet, with options for editing in Microsoft 365.
  • Unified Document Management: Browse, open, edit, and save documents within the Microsoft Office suite, directly from Elcom, avoiding duplicates.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Open and edit SharePoint Office files directly within Elcom for a cohesive document management experience.



Why work with Elcom

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in intranet solutions, Elcom is your trusted partner in digital workplace transformation.

Customisable Solutions

Our platform is highly adaptable, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements and goals.

Unparalleled Support

We provide comprehensive support and training, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success for your team.

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