How Elcom Can Transform Your Marketing

Let Elcom do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what matters - delighting your audience.

How We Help - Great Engaging Websites


Deliver Exceptional Website Experiences

When it comes to your audience, every impression counts.

  • Everything you need. Build enterprise content management solutions with a platform that comes with over 90+ out-of-the-box features, as well as 50+ add on modules and integrations, you have access to the building blocks to deliver exceptional website experiences that continually engage your audience.
  • Flexible partnership. Whether you want to build it in-house or hand the reigns to the Elcom team, our expert designers, developers and project managers will be with you every step of the way.
How We Help - Flexible CMS Editing


Make Content Management a Breeze

Your audience demands engaging and consistent experiences from your brand.

  • Easy-to-use content tools. Updating information, publishing new articles, launching new marketing campaigns, setting up lead capture forms – and all the other tasks involved with delivering consistent, up-to-date and compelling content – is a breeze.
  • No IT or developers needed. The Elcom platform has a user interface that’s intuitive, easy-to-understand and makes content creation and site administration a simple task - removing the bottlenecks from waiting for IT or developer assistance.
How We Help - User-Friendly Drag and Drop Forms


Customer Acquisition Made Easy

Customers are the lifeblood of a business, and your website is a key component of attracting audiences and moving them along the buyer’s journey.

  • Attract customers. Launch new promotions using landing pages focused on your market, promote and manage registration for new events and more.
  • Generate leads. Capture new leads or subscriptions with drag-and-drop forms in minutes.
  • Personalise content. Target your messaging for mobile or specific keywords and create multi-sites for different countries or products.
How We Help - Membership


Keep Your Audience Coming Back

Retention is a big part of your marketing (and business) strategy, and the Elcom platform lets you serve up experiences that keep audiences happy and engaged.

  • Member access. Provide premium content for members to entice website visitors to provide their contact details and stay connected with your brand.
  • Self-service accounts. Give customers the freedom to easily manage their accounts online 24/7 to find relevant information online and submit questions online, register for events and training, update their contact details and more. This frees up in-store and call center resources, while Improving customer experience.




What Can Elcom Do For Marketing Teams?

With over 100+ base features and add-ons, the Elcom enterprise content management solution offers all the functionality you need from a website and learning management system. And more! Here are just some of the ways Elcom can help.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Aggregate and display sets of related content. Add new blog posts, news articles, images or other resources, and Elcom makes sure it displays in all the right places in the right format.

Easy People Powered Publishing

Empower departments to manage their own sections without needing technical skills. Edit content directly through the front-end with inline editing, removing the need for back-end navigation.

Fast, Powerful Search

Help your visitors find exactly what they’re looking for fast. Enable visitors to search by multiple filters. Configure search for specific folders or content (for extra security). Pull in results from external databases.

Managing Events Made Easy

Manage everything from complex conference events to simple meetups. Access features including online registrations and workflows to notify relevant parties, online payments and resource bookings.

Manage Members Seamlessly

Deliver a smooth customer experience by letting members manage their accounts 24/7 including paid membership and renewal handling, profile management, email marketing and event interaction.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with existing business systems. Pull through and surface information such as event registrants and new leads from your CRM, marketing platform and more, the possibilities are endless.


Why Holiday Coast Credit Union Love Working With Elcom

Holiday Coast Credit Union (Holiday Coast) is a financial co-operative owned by its members. 

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Holiday Coast Credit Union Logo

As our members move through stages of their lives, they need easy access to relevant products and services to grow and use their wealth in the moment, anywhere on any device.

With the Elcom Digital Transformation Platform, Holiday Coast achieved increased member engagement and conversion through a seamless self-service access for members to manage, save, grow and protect their assets. as well as relevant lifestage navigation and personalised content on its website.

We knew Elcom would be open and responsive to new ideas, flexible in their approach and work extremely hard to deliver a solution that supported our digital transformation strategy.

- Ellissa Nolan, Holiday Coast

Deliver exceptional digital experiences for your audience with the platform trusted by marketing teams at Inner West Council, Fairfax Media and Hyundai.

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