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Taking Shape

Taking Shape is Australia and New Zealand's leader in plus-size clothing, operating for over 28 years across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom with over 100 standalone Boutique stores, 50+ Concession stores within Myer & globally online.

The Challenge

With over 900 staff in three countries, the volume of emails with documents attached covering HR policies, maintenance forms, stock processes, technology handbooks, in store promotions and sales targets, was excessive.

Each store had their own way of managing emails and attachments, some set up directories while others saved shortcuts on the desktop, but all shared the same issue of buried emails, version control and missing important communications.

We needed a central repository; a place our staff could visit when they needed to find the most up-to-date information to complete a task.

We also wanted a solution that would enable us to graphically present sales targets and results unique to each store with an aggregate view for our Retail Support Centre (RSC). We wanted a way to motivate staff, build a more connected community, energise and better support our teams.

Partnering with Elcom gave us a really good first time experience, their guidance and responsiveness was incredibly valuable. The Elcom bug tracking system was excellent and their staff's genuine interest in delivering the best solution resulted in a streamlined and painless experience. Adrian Jacobson, Chief Information Officer
Taking Shape

Taking Shape Intranet Screenshot

The Solution

To find the right CMS for our Australia-wide retail intranet we put out the feelers, spoke to people, researched on Google and looked closely at a few options which involved meetings and demonstrations.

We needed a solution that supported our desire to be self-sufficient and use our own team for the design.

We chose Elcom because we liked the company feel and the fact they are well established with a credible user base. We also liked the modular approach and the flexibility to customise.

Elcom were receptive and supportive to our needs and provided templates to assist us to develop our site map, worked closely with our team to scope what was needed to support all the different business functions e.g. marketing, HR, retail operations and guided us through the design and development whilst ensuring system compatibility.

It was really important to us to utilise our existing staff, not just from a cost saving point of view but also to embed a sense of Intranet ownership across the business and reflect the best of our brand.

As a result, when we launched the intranet, adoption was immediate.

The Benefits

  • Cost and time saving
    The graphic sales performance dashboard provides each store with their targets with figures updated automatically 3 times a day.
  • Administration speed and efficiency
    The combination of the Corporate Directory and Active Directory integration enables new stores and staff to quickly access systems and the intranet while reducing admin overhead.
  • Easy access to reliable information
    Staff in stores and at RSC now have more time for other tasks including building a more connected, social and energised community.


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