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NSW Health Education Center Against Violence

The NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) is a statewide unit responsible for workforce development in the specialist areas of prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect. This includes creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that is safe and comfortable for all people and communities.

The Challenge

Our lifeblood is delivering education to NSW health employees and other non-government agencies in our 6 training portfolio areas. On the previous website, trying to find information about courses we offer was so convoluted as content was spread across several pages. It was a real source of frustration for people and had a significant impact on the traffic coming to our email inboxes for queries about courses available and how to apply for them.

ECAV’s original request was to redesign the website and make it more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. After the project commenced, the scope expanded to redesign the course content and bring all the information into an easy to navigate course listing page.

Additionally, accessibility and usability are important to us because we work with a wide range of communities and people with different technology skills. We wanted to have a simple and clear website that would take down the barriers to accessing information. It needed to be highly accessible, streamlined and inclusive to reflect how we run our business.

It’s been fantastic to see our vision come to life. From my perspective, the implementation was done seamlessly. It was a true collaboration and partnership. Elcom were extremely responsive and felt like an extension of the ECAV team. Amy Batchelor, Operations Manager
NSW Health Education Center Against Violence

The Solution

Elcom built and provides hosting for the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) website and has maintained a great working relationship with them. As ECAV is a statewide training service auspiced by WSLHD, we decided to deploy our new website as a multi-site of the WSLHD website.

The implementation was streamlined and well organised and we launched on our planned date. We revamped all the content, liaising with the ECAV portfolios and many different people. The Elcom team were very helpful in getting the content population on the website done when it was available. We had our key piece of artwork by an Aboriginal artist that we wanted to celebrate, and we were able to use that as a guide for the design. The Elcom team took what I envisioned and just made it better.

The Elcom team are professional, knowledgeable and felt like part of the ECAV team. Our Elcom Project Manager was always available for me to consult with and really responsive as well. Elcom’s training Manager was fantastic and available for a lot of questions we had about our website.

The new website ties into the NSW health branding while also reflecting ECAV’s heart and soul. We incorporated Aboriginal colour schemes and featured artwork from Aboriginal artists throughout the site.

The website delivers on our key objectives of usability and accessibility. We kept the website navigation and content focused on guiding visitors straight to what they needed. On the homepage, we have six key icons that provide quicklinks to the areas we know people are most interested in. We incorporated several features and design choices to meet accessibility guidelines. This includes having toggles on the front screen to assist people with disabilities.

We have been able to build a highly functional and user-friendly course listing page. People can easily filter by area of interest and workshops available, search by keyword and refine results with a combination of filters. They can apply for a scheduled training course and workshop or request training for their area through an online form which triggers a workflow to notify administrators.

Training courses are dynamically displayed using data retrieved from an external web service that we use to manage and update courses. An offline service runs once a day to retrieve this course data. Each course has an informational PDF that is downloadable from the course listing page. As part of processing the data, the PDFs are automatically uploaded into the Elcom Document Library and courses are colour coded according to which portfolio it belongs to.

In addition, ECAV develops a range of resources that can be purchased online. The prices vary depending on the person's role and organisation and we also offer free downloads as well. Our store is managed through the Ecwid e-commerce platform and has been integrated into the Elcom Platform. People can add items to their basket, view shopping carts and track orders on our website. Visitors don't know they are using a different platform at all. When items are checked out a notification is sent to ECAV for the team to invoice and process.

The Benefits

Inclusive and accessible

  • The website captures the essence of ECAV, which is to create safe and inclusive communities. It provides an easier way to connect with ECAV and reflects who we are; inclusive, accessible, and easy to follow. There is a strong sense of pride for Aboriginal and other vulnerable communities. The website is also designed according to NSW Government accessibility standards.

Seamless user experience

  • We have achieved our objective of delivering a website optimised for the user journey. The main reason people visit our website is to learn about and apply for courses and to obtain resources. The new website has removed the barriers to finding and accessing this information.
  • Bringing all our course information into one clear, user-friendly course search page has taken a huge amount of confusion out of the convoluted process that existed beforehand. We have already noticed a decrease in inbox traffic coming through from people wanting more information about courses and how to apply for them.
  • We use a third-party add-on Ecwid to manage our large range of free and paid training resources. We didn’t want people to have a completely different experience when browsing these training resources on our website. We’re really pleased with how seamlessly the Elcom Platform integrates with Ecwid. From the end user point of view, Ecwid pages look like they are part of our website.

Economies of scale

  • Deploying the ECAV site as a multi-site of the WSLHD website means that it is deployed on the same Elcom Platform License but maintains a separate URL. This allows us to deliver a standalone website for a fraction of the cost of a new platform licence, as well as benefit from automatic upgrades if and when the WSLHD website is upgraded to the latest software version.

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