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Murray City Country Coast (MCCC)

Murray City Country Coast (MCCC) GP Training offers specialist training for qualified doctors who want to pursue a career in general practice medicine in Western and Central Victoria.

The Challenge

Established in 2016, MCCC was formed from the merger of four Registered Training Providers (RTOs), and is now one of nine Regional Training Organisations in Australia that offer the Federally-funded Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program.

Each of the RTOs had unique systems to manage content and communication and many of these systems persisted once MCCC merged. This made communication across MCCC difficult.

Additionally, much of MCCC’s content was centrally stored in a shared network drive where the folder structure was confusing and content was sometimes duplicated across many folders. As a result, Staff often used incorrect versions of documents or couldn’t find important documents such as policies and procedures.

To address these problems, an intranet was introduced to improve communications across MCCC and to share content in a user-friendly and easily accessible way.

What Elcom offered was impressive - it is a mature and capable intranet platform, and is a proven product in a competitive market. Peter Ellenby, ICT Project Manager
Murray City Country Coast (MCCC)

MCCC Mobile Responsive Intranet

The Solution

MCCC worked closely with intranet consultants, and pursued a rigorous selection process. This included user research with a cross-section of medical and non-medical MCCC staff, stakeholders and end-users, development of a comprehensive vendor brief, and scoring shortlisted vendors based on several criteria and weightings.

As an Office 365 organisation, MCCC initially expected a SharePoint solution would meet their needs and Elcom was included in the evaluation as the only non-SharePoint vendor.

Following evaluation, the selection process scored the Elcom product the highest in relation to the functionality MCCC required and also noted Elcom has an impressive customer base and a comprehensive Helpdesk support.

As a result, the MCCC selection panel made a unanimous decision for the Elcom product.

As at September 2018, MCCC has launched the intranet with a focus on identifying and publishing the content for use by MCCC medical and administrative staff, delivered on a centralised platform and from any location and device.

With the Elcom platform, MCCC has an intranet in a box solution with built-in integration to key systems, including Microsoft Office (where MCCC can edit and directly publish Word documents) and Active Directory (AD) integration. Additionally, MCCC has positioned the intranet as the entry point for all MCCC systems, including reporting and core business systems.

MCCC introduced an Information Architecture that defines a hierarchy for content so it is easier for staff to locate content.

MCCC also has a Document Hub where end users can search for documents by keyword, owner, publisher and document type. Relevant stakeholder audiences are notified of updates to key documents such as policies and processes and other targeted communications.

MCCC required minimal maintenance for publishers, and configured the Elcom product to be scalable by using dynamic pages – this means that new and updated is automatically presented on target pages reducing site maintenance.

MCCC are preparing for successive phases of the intranet and will be reviewing what components that best support the MCCC business.

The Benefits

MCCC is a small, lean, not-for-profit organisation. This meant the intranet had to be:


  • Quick and easy to deploy.
  • Cost-effective for both initial deployment and maintenance.
  • Supported by the vendor long term to implement additional features and any custom development required in the future.
  • Easy for non-technical users, both publishers and users, requiring minimal IT support. This is MCCC’s first intranet, and many staff members had no prior experience using an intranet.


MCCC staff now know where the content is and what to do with the new and updated content. They can also access this content via a secure interface anywhere, on any device.

The journey to getting content organised and shareable has been considerable but has been well supported and well received within MCCC.

MCCC now has a robust technology and content base that is both scalable and easily extended.

Elcom delivered on time and on budget, and there’s been a focus and a clear desire to deliver what was agreed to be delivered.


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