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Medical Indemnity Protection Society

Medical Indemnity Protection Society (MIPS) is a not-for-profit organisation formed to provide healthcare professionals and students with the security and support they need to practice with confidence

The Challenge

Addressing the needs of the Australian healthcare practitioner community, Medical Indemnity Protection Society Ltd (MIPS) is a membership organisation committed to providing healthcare practitioners with the protections, security and support they need to practice with confidence. The MIPS website services a 50,000 strong membership, allowing members to access information, manage membership, conduct online training, download membership documents and update their details.

MIPS saw the value in extending online engagement to facilitate greater support and training to the community. Healthcare practitioners need the ability to interface with a trusted source for valuable information. MIPS understands how to deliver that content in a compelling and accessible interface.

Integration was a key benefit and the dedication that the Elcom team displayed to facilitate our requirements was a major part of the solution’s success. Lucian Burns, Manager - Information and Projects
Medical Indemnity Protection Society

The Solution

MIPS was seeking to streamline, integrate and unify our online presence and went to market looking for a solution via tender process.
Elcom presented a strong CMS system offering with a learning management system component that met our core needs.

The MIPS online presence is about promoting membership benefits to prospective members, while providing a platform that allows members to securely access their information and additional benefits, such as online education. Selecting the right content management system was crucial as MIPS needed a partner with vision and flexibility to accommodate our expectations.

Elcom met the challenge by providing a CMS solution with the core features to unify our external systems and the extensibility to complement our own systems initiatives. Elcom showed great receptivity to accommodating custom features such as SMS reminders and dynamic content and bringing these back into the core offering.

The Benefits

  • Enhanced Training
    Working together, new features were added including the implementation of automated email, SMS alerts and risk education dashboard. Elcom's Training Manager provided an effective platform to deliver MIPS’ initial business needs and a path forward for enhanced development.
  • Integration of legacy systems
    Elcom helped us reduce disparate external systems and integrate data back into our business systems. The outcome was a consolidation of data that has increased efficiency and functionality while considerably reducing complexity.
  • Unified access
    MIPS members benefit from access to one system with one password. The organisation now has the capability to deliver online features in a seamless and integrated environment, which allows MIPS and our members to keep track of information including education history in one central location. Elcom extensions to the core product enable MIPS to source data from line of business systems and surface information directly to members. Elcom delivered a new integrated platform for streamlined content delivery, membership access and training capabilities.


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