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At EMM, we believe that a sustainable future is achievable, and we are dedicated to helping our clients and the community make it a reality. Our expertise spans across different sectors, both locally and internationally, with a key focus on assisting organisations to prepare for their future. We are an employee-owned business operating from nine offices and various satellite locations across Australia and Canada.

The Challenge

Our previous website was outdated, and the platform was difficult for content publishers and administrators to use. There were a lot of aspects of it including homepage elements that were hard coded. We had to constantly ask developers from different IT agencies to help update it for us, leading to an extra expense when we needed something updated.

The design and content also didn't match how we wanted people to see us as a company. That was the biggest obstacle that we were looking to change with the look and feel.

As an environmental consultancy, our clients go to our website to verify what they have heard about us and as a professional services organisation. We were looking for a partner and platform that would support EMM Consulting in launching an easy to use and modern website that engages and educates our online audience.

The seamless integration of our Australian and Canadian websites into a user-friendly platform has been a transformative development for EMM. This vital enhancement ensures that our online presence maintains a consistent brand image, regardless of whether our audience visits our Australian or Canadian site. It not only simplifies our content management but also underscores our commitment to delivering a cohesive and unified experience no matter where our clients are located. Thank you to the Elcom team for helping us to implement a solution that will help us achieve our digital goals today and into the future. Tanya Hatchman, Executive Leader - Markets & Marketing
EMM Consulting

EMM Consulting Website

The Solution

What was essential for us was the ability to update and manage the content ourselves, so a platform's usability and functionality was important.

As a growing international consultancy, we needed the flexibility to manage both our Canadian and Australian website through the same administration interface. A seamless and integrated user experience was important and the Elcom team helped us to achieve our vision of an expanded footprint with consistency of brand and vision.

We really liked the different touch points of bringing in specialist teams, from product to training people, at various stages of the project. Our Project Manager was great at keeping us up to date with changing time frames and any implications to this would to our project schedule. Our trainer did an amazing job of tailoring her approach so that we were getting the most out of that time, enabling us to be self-sufficient throughout the process.

The website has a completely new navigation that highlights the depth and scale of services we offer while making it easier to navigate around. Prospective clients can go to verify what they have heard about us and to understand more about what we do.

With the platform’s multi-site license, we can manage the Australia and Canada websites on the same deployment. This allows us to present ourselves as a truly integrated but international consultancy. It was important for us that whether you are a user that clicks through to our Canadian business or to our Australian business, you get the same look and feel, as well as the same user experience. Having a multi-site also allows us to easily manage and transfer content and images between the two sites, enabling administrators to manage and view content across both sites in one administration interface.

With increased functionality in our careers section, applicants can now submit their interest directly on our platform. Weekly reports are then generated automatically and sent directly to our HR team with details of the people who have applied that week.

The general reports are excellent for helping to understand what our visitors are searching for and the areas that are important to them. This insight helps us to improve and build our user experience as our user requirements evolve.

The Benefits

Build awareness and elevate our online presence

  • There is no doubt that our online presence has elevated from where we have been to where the platform is now. With an intuitive navigation experience and a construct which has been developed with the end user in mind, our Australian and Canadian websites have successfully bridged the gap between our current and prospective clients, connecting them to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience, the latest topical news, and a captivating glimpse into the ever-evolving world of EMM.
  • The end result has provided for an engaging experience for all our visitors, ensuring that they can easily find the information they seek and interact with our platform effortlessly. We are committed to keeping our clients informed about the ever-changing landscape in which they operate by ensuring that they stay up-to-date with the latest trends, regulations, and best practices.

Select a platform that is easy to use and manage

  • We've successfully tailored the platform to align with our specific requirements. The most notable advantage for us is the enhanced content management capabilities and the increased level of autonomy we now have on our website. We can now easily and independently make content and design updates whenever needed.

Attract potential candidates

  • Our revamped website also significantly bolsters our recruitment efforts. We've witnessed tangible improvements in the number of job applications. Candidates now have the convenience of applying directly through the online application form available on our website.

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