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Cabrini is a private, not-for-profit, Catholic health service providing a comprehensive range of health and health-related services and twelve locations.

The Challenge

Our goal was to deliver a fully redesigned and redeveloped Intranet for Cabrini and improve the online experience for staff. The majority of our workforce are nurses who are engaged in providing direct patient care and they do not have time to sit at a computer for long. It was critical that staff could easily navigate our Intranet site, find the resources they need and get back to their patients quickly.

With more than 4500 end-users representing a wide range of job profiles and professional backgrounds, our Intranet site had to cater to varying levels of technical savvy and information needs.

Importantly, it needed to reflect our commitment to Cabrini’s mission, vision and values including a commitment to reach out to our community with compassion, integrity, courage and respect. We wanted to convey a sense of energy and opportunity within the Cabrini workplace to support Cabrini’s strategic priority of fostering a positive internal culture.

Together with Elcom, we have created an internationally award-winning Intranet - ‘Cabinet’. From design to functionality, it has delivered a fresh new platform to engage with our staff. The support from the sales team, project managers and ongoing support desk, has been excellent. Caroline Ritchie, Intranet Manager


The Solution

The project was led by our Cabrini Marketing and Community Relations team. The detailed discovery phase included 15 workshops among administration and clinical staff to understand the needs of different work groups.

Elcom’s platform not only met the user and technical requirements of the Cabrini community, it offered a modular approach. There are many optional modules that can be added as we need them. We knew we could grow and develop with this CMS, which would be scalable and flexible and respond to our changing needs.

The Elcom team worked closely with us on the design and development of Cabinet, which is the name of our Intranet site. Any issues were resolved fairly quickly and the project was delivered as promised.
We are proud of our Intranet homepage, which is presented in a professional, user-friendly way. The Quick Links section with drop down menus makes it easy for staff to get to the right resource, first-time. Cabinet’s ability to interface with many other products and display content on the page gives users a seamless online experience. Dynamic widgets tagged with taxonomy automatically display the latest news and events on specific pages, keeping the homepage and other pages fresh and current with relevant content.

What is most impressive is the ease of our new Intranet site from both the end-user and manager/publisher perspectives. Building, editing and adding new pages is intuitive for most users. With some training and support, staff with little experience in using Intranets can update and maintain content for their own departments.

Cabinet continues to grow with new sections added in advance of projects being rolled out. These are full of FAQs, support documents, forms, training schedules and other resources, keeping everyone informed.

The custom built classified sections is the most popular feature on the site. It has been a positive way to engage people beyond the professional environment. Staff with varying levels of technical savvy can easily post items they have for sale and provide their contact details using the structured authoring element; it automatically displays their item on the classifieds page.

Security and user-group permissions is another strong feature. We have secure and private sections with confidential information. To gain access, staff need to fill in an online form which is emailed to the appropriate person for approval.

The Benefits

Since its launch, Cabinet has been recognised with international awards and commendations from Ragan, the International Association of Business Communicators and the Public Relations Society of America.
  • A year later, site traffic is still going strong with 131,000 average page views a month. Of them, an average of 13,500 view the classified section and 10,000 look at the internal staff phone directory, every month.

  • Cabrini staff have access to the latest up-to-date information. Content is fresher, more relevant. Cabinet is updated daily and new bulletins, banners and sections appear regularly. The intuitive navigation enables nurses and other clinical staff to easily find relevant resources and get back to their patients and other time-sensitive situations quickly.

  • The shift to using online forms has meant information is collected correctly and in a standardised way. For example, staff who need to provide monthly updates for their research projects can choose their project from a dropdown menu, add in the required information and upload files. It is then automatically received in the right format with the right fields. It saves staff valuable time in obtaining documents and other information they need.

  • Whether staff need to find a specialist, view medical rosters or download post-operative care brochures/information for patients, Cabinet is a great support tool for the Cabrini community.



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