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BetterHR is Australia’s leading HR and employment relations service for employers, offering affordable and easy-to-use online HR Systems.

The Challenge

BetterHR (Formerly known as Workforce Guardian) is Australia’s leading HR and employment relations service for employers, offering affordable and easy-to-use online HR Systems.

Our services are designed specifically to help Australian employers achieve best-practice HR management and full-compliance with Australia's increasingly complex employment laws.

Trusted by thousands of users and hundreds of partners, BetterHR is the HR solution-of-choice for SMEs, HR professionals, industry associations, franchise groups, accountants, bookkeepers and business advisers. 

With thousands of users relying on BetterHR daily to help them manage people with confidence, we needed the best CMS we could find to help us focus on our evolving client needs and building great content.

BetterHR has built a reputation as Australia’s leading HR and employment relations service. So when the time came to upgrade our online HR system and advice service we naturally turned to a leading CMS, provided by a trusted partner we have worked closely with since 2007. Sean Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

The Solution

Elcom’s enterprise web management solutions have been the foundation of BetterHR’s online HR systems since 2007.

As of 2021, Elcom continue to work closely with BetterHR to continue refining the portal, as well as launching a new mobile app version of the portal.

The mobile application was built by a third party and worked in conjunction with the Elcom team. It was developed for native Mobile Application utilising RESTful services.

The perfect balance of ‘out of the box‘ features combined with full ability to customise solutions has enabled BetterHR to introduce over 100 new or improved services and achieve wide recognition as Australia’s leading HR and employment relations service.

Thousands of users now rely on our online HR services every day to help manage people with confidence. Over 300 partners also rely on our services re-branded as their own including Telstra and ADP.

Elcom with its powerful workflow, forms and search has enabled BetterHR to deliver industry leading online HR solutions for over 13 years.

Employees have instant access to view and update their own personnel file, view their roster, add timesheets, submit leave requests, add HR records, view contact details.

Managers can easily keep HR records for the mandatory 7 years - all automatically logged in a user-friendly system.

The mobile app solution also enables employees to clock on and clock off, and includes real time and location information. Managers are automatically sent email alerts when information is updated.

The Benefits

  • Significant growth in new subscriptions
    Over 100 new or improved features, an improved user experience and a wider range of subscription types meeting new market needs has attracted many new subscribers.
  • Ten times return on investment
    With 80% of features out of the box and the ability to custom develop on Elcom, our ability and agility to deliver what our clients need has returned our investment tenfold.
  • Strong collaboration across our community
    Our ability to crowd source future needs, create content, verify and share back to the community has increased engagement with our services.
  • HR solution white labelled by brands including Telstra & ADP
    The ability to custom develop and integrate with our business systems supports our strategy to white label our HR services.

BetterHR has since gone on to win the Human Resources Director (HRD) 5-Star HR Software Award 2021 for our portal.

The HRD 5-Star HR Software Awards celebrates the HR software firms that are transforming businesses and placing people leadership at the heart of their mission.

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