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With over 30 years of experience, APP is one of Australia’s most respected property and infrastructure consultancy firms. Today our national business works on over $20 billion of capital value for over 500 clients across more than 800 projects annually.

The Challenge

Our previous intranet was custom coded, and it started to look a lot clunkier over the years. We decided to move to an out-of-the-box intranet solution that would let us quickly address our initial requirements and easily implement new requirements as they come up. For example, being able to easily create forms and workflows to increase efficiency with our new starter and exit processes.

We have offices all around the country and a lot of new people start every month. Staff rotate between working from home, the office and at client sites. We wanted a place to consolidate knowledge and information, including capturing and making available knowledge from those that are leaving the company. There was also a need to provide information to smaller teams like branches or divisions, as well as to start presenting other kinds of information that was distributed by email in the past.

An intranet would offer self-service access to information in a user-friendly way, while helping us share our culture with new starters.

The Elcom team were always extremely helpful and supportive, from the design phase through to the publisher and administrative training. All the configuration and setup was completed according to plan, and the delivery of the project was done on time and on budget. Martin Rubens, IT Solutions Manager
APP Corporation

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The Solution

We came up with a series of requirements, focusing on what users might want in the future. The depth of functionality that was available on the platform and the price made Elcom the best fit for us. It had everything we wanted in our wish list including a learning management module. We also got access to a demo environment which few of the other vendors offered.

Elcom was really supportive, and our account manager was always on top of the project. The design process went smoothly, and the team always came back to us with multiple options. We had initial workshops to talk through the process to guide the implementation. Once the site was built and we started going through the actual testing phase, we never had to wait long for any changes to be made.

The delivery of the project was done on time and on budget. Though we changed the schedule around a bit and left some tasks to the last minute, the Elcom team were always very accommodating to our schedule and completed everything as expected.

The new intranet allows us to capture and present information on topic-related pages, in a user-friendly way. The content editor and dynamic widgets make adding, updating, and displaying content easy. We managed to set up templates and then train a variety of content owners around the business to maintain their pages without needing to go through IT.

Our home page has become our main avenue of communication for the whole business. We have set up different channels there, including a carousel with corporate news, areas focused on HR, Learning & Development, and Marketing, and announcements of new starters and project wins. The home page presents prominent links to the main applications and pages that need to be accessed by our employees, making it simple for them to find what they need.

Currently the intranet has been rolled out for APP staff, but we already have subsidiaries that are working on setting up their own pages as well. We will be using security permissions to present content specifically designed for them, including their own landing page. We are not stopping there though, as we are enabling an area of the intranet to be accessed by those employees that are about to join APP. These new starters will get an early access to information that will allow them to start the onboarding process and answer some of the typical questions around their new employment.

Workflows can also be set up for content approval. We are using drag-and-drop online forms and connecting them to workflows to help replace paper and manual processes, improving control and efficiency.

The Benefits

APP have invested a lot of time and resources developing a strategy to improve our digital workplace, especially as our staff are working from home and at client sites. The intranet is a key part of this strategy. It provides a digital gateway to support APP employees and gives them quick access to information and applications relevant to their role so they can focus on tasks that maximise value for clients.

The number of in-built features of the Elcom Platform and its integration capabilities, along with the ability to customise the look and feel and present information as needed, gives us the building blocks to create a one stop digital destination. It is also user-friendly and easy to use so we can continue adding to and evolving the intranet internally as new requirements come up.

We now have a front door to all our systems, some of which are integrated with the intranet such as SharePoint and for others we have links to with single sign-on in place. We integrated Elcom with our own custom-built CRM and are presenting information from this system to the users as if they were part of the intranet. We are also presenting Power BI dashboards on our intranet and users cannot tell that the data is coming from another system.

The intranet has also improved current business processes whilst supporting team collaboration. In the past, requests from staff might need weeks to resolve and required people to dedicate time to investigate and configure different components. But now we have the toolkit available on the intranet to address these needs and requests.

Ultimately, our goal is for people to have everything they need closer to their fingers and displayed seamlessly in a central user-friendly digital location. We are already planning to automate more processes to increase efficiency such as integration with our custom workflows built on another system.

We are really pleased to partner with an Australian based vendor that can provide ongoing support for our future integrations and requirements.


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