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Raine & Horne has been operating in Australia since 1883 and is one of the largest real estate groups in the country. Now a fully franchised operation, Raine & Horne has been recognised by the Superbrands Council.

The Challenge

Raine & Horne’s workforce numbers around 3000 people, ranging from Gen Y to retirement age, and their offices sell residential, rural and commercial real estate.

Serviced by 30 staff in the Sydney-based corporate office, the use of digital technology to communicate with each individual was imperative.

Key challenges included the need to reach each person in every franchise and ensure uptake of the latest information and marketing materials.

Email was seen as spam and the old intranet was full of out-of-date content with many paths to find it, causing much confusion.

The support provided by the Elcom team, combined with the functionality and affordability of the Elcom platform, got us to market quickly, which was key to our success. Paul Sinclair, National IT & Strategy Manager
Raine & Horne

Raine and Horne Intranet

The Solution

A solution was needed that could be personalised to the varying needs of the users, provide training and compliance management and a comprehensive range of functionality out of the box, quickly.

After an extensive search it became clear that Elcom was affordable, quick to market, supportive and had all the functionality needed.

A name for the new intranet was crowd sourced and ‘Scout’ was launched.

The adoption rate was immediate largely due to the publishing of agent rankings, an element of gamification that drives competition.

Daily updates and regular use of video, as well as a mobile-responsive format, were also contributing factors.

Pop-up compliance messages tracked through Elcom's Training Manager provided the evidence needed to ensure awareness of legislative changes.

Predictive search, online directory and social discussion tools have transformed a distributed workforce into a cohesive community that now learn and share with each other.

The Benefits

  • Consistency of information available to offices
    Marketing libraries available on Scout ensure consistent branding across all franchises, resulting in fewer calls to the corporate office for information.
  • Improved training and compliance
    The use of Elcom's Training Manager ensures compliance with legislative changes and enables sign up and payment for both face-to-face and online training courses.
  • Motivated and engaged agents
    Integration with real estate CRM rhCompass enables sales data to be pulled for each person, office and state. The publication of agent rankings creates a talking point for the workforce.
  • Searchability and reliable Information pathways
    Scout is the single trusted source when searching for compliance information, educational tools, marketing campaigns, featured agent videos and more, while also acting as a vital gateway to rhCompass.


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