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Hyundai Australia

Hyundai Motor Company Australia is a leading manufacturer of motor vehicles, with 144 dealerships and 29 additional service points operating throughout all states and territories in Australia.

The Challenge

Elcom was first engaged by Hyundai with the following key objectives:

  • Replace the existing intranet
  • Develop an extranet for the ‘Auto-net Portal’
  • Replace the corporate website with a Content Management System in HTML and flash, allowing publisher to update flash content as well as other areas of the site
  • Provide management with the option to centralise or decentralise certain publishing properties

Elcom was incredibly flexible and met all of the challenges of implementing this project head-on. They have created a system that meets all of our business needs, with continued room for growth Balasundaram Kothandaraman, General Manager ICT
Hyundai Australia


The Solution

It was deduced that the most viable solution would be to use Elcom as the base platform.
Once this was established, Elcom sourced the optimum balance of developers, implementers, designers and support staff from its team of experts, to complement the Hyundai team and initiate the execution of the project.

Together with Hyundai Information Technology (IT) and  Marketing business units the Elcom team assisted in further analysing the requirements and documenting a solution.

To achieve the desired result, the team followed Elcom’s strict project methodology, which runs across the entire project and includes rigorous set of testing and risk management steps to ensure superior quality assurance.

Elcom was able to meet and exceed Hyundai’s objectives by providing a solution which encompassed the following:
  • Intranet – An Active Directory integrated information portal and collaboration environment
  • Corporate Website – A website supported by a WCMS to reporting flash integration, with embedded tracking and reporting functionality
  • Multi-Site Capability – the implementation and distributed management of 144 dealer websites; each customizable and still sharing content from the main site
  • Dealer Portal – A secure environment for the 144 dealers to access bulletins and sales related information
  • Owners Portal – A secure environment for car owners to access personalized content and view maintenance schedules and obtain driver tips
  • RSS Syndication – Syndication and aggregation of content throughout the various areas of the Hyundai Intranet, Extranet and Corporate Website
  • Auto-net – Custom built remote login to Auto-net applications

In addition to this, a number of out-of-the-box modules were deployed to meet specific requirements; including form creator, dynamic widgets, web analytics and the developer API.

The Benefits

Hyundai experienced the following benefits from the new system developed by Elcom.
  • Efficiencies in terms of enhanced ability to deliver administrative business functions via a common platform
  • The ability for Hyundai’s internal .NET team to easily extend the functionality of the system and build their own modules
  • Greater information dissemination throughout the larger Hyundai family, due to the secure Intranet and Extranet which complemented the dynamic corporate Website
  • Increases in productivity through accessibility to consistent information
  • User-friendly, encouraging the creation of content by users
  • Improved customer satisfaction though site personalization and enhanced post-sales serviceability
  • Reduced costs through the use of a single consolidated web platform for the 144 dealer websites
  • Ability to leverage the investment in Elcom, and provide new functionality such as mobile device access and social media engagement capability


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