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Holiday Coast Credit Union

Holiday Coast Credit Union (Holiday Coast) is owned by its members. Profits other than those retained to build prudential reserves, are re-invested in the business and our community.

The Challenge

A key objective of our digital transformation strategy is assisting our members to create the life they want by rewarding and recognising members and their families, their loyalty and value. As they move through life stages our members need easy access to relevant products and services to grow and use their wealth in the moment, anywhere on any device.

Our vision for a digital bank ensures always open, seamless self-service access for members to manage, save, grow and protect their assets.

To support our vision for fully integrated and streamlined services we needed to provide our distributed workforce access via the public web to policies and procedures, quick links and the corporate directory.

Holiday Coast needed a mobile responsive website with an integrated secure staff portal to support growth through lead generation, delivery of highly targeted and relevant content to members and exceptional customer experience.

We knew Elcom would be open and responsive to new ideas, flexible in their approach and work extremely hard to deliver a solution that supported our digital transformation strategy. Ellissa Nolan, Executive Manager, Digital & Projects
Holiday Coast Credit Union

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The Solution

Holiday Coast first selected Elcom Technology based on the quality of Elcom platform, calibre of clients and alignment to their digital services strategy.

The decision to stay was evidence based, Elcom is a proven system that makes staff training and publishing really easy.

The platform is adaptable and the quality of service and customer support is high. No idea is a bad idea and quotes are turned around quickly to facilitate speedy decisions. 

As a highly regulated and accountable industry the use of forms and workflow for the content approval process protects Holiday Coast and its members. Single sign on to our workforce portal makes it secure and simple to access corporate knowledge and people, making us more productive and able to focus more on the customer experience. Holiday Coast and Elcom are building digital services and technology for the future.

The Benefits

  • Life stage navigation and personalised content
    Customer experience improvements achieved by making it easy to find relevant content on products and services based on life stages.
  • Seamless self-service digital bank
    Increased customer retention and advocacy through open and easy access to products, funds and assets.
  • Increased member engagement and conversion
    Increased lead conversion from customer centric design and contextual site navigation, targeting 20% growth by 2020 in digital customers.
  • Workforce connectivity to people and information via the internet
    Integrated access to resources via the public website increases collaboration and productivity while meeting our regulatory obligations.


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