The Challenge

Geelong Grammar School’s (GGS) community stretches across different states within Australia and across 20 countries around the world. To cater for this, GGS had a website and portal, each managed on different platforms. As GGS’ strategies evolved, they found that the existing platforms could not support their objectives.

GGS needed a single platform that would provide them with the functionality and flexibility to manage both sites under a single platform.

We needed a flexible and user friendly solution for a complex, multi-faceted website - elcomCMS ticked all the boxes. Brendan McAloon, Marketing and Communications Manager
Geelong Grammar School

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The Solution

After extensive research across different platforms, Elcom was selected by GGS for the following reasons:
  • User friendly to cater for publishers from different departments with varying technical expertise.
  • Feature-rich, modular and flexible, allowing GGS to scale and customise the platform to their requirements.
  • Australian support & partnership that offers GGS the security that they have technology experts on-hand to help them achieve their goals.
  • Integration with Active Directory & Schools Database to streamline member and student management.
  • WCAG 2.0 compliant and mobile and SEO friendly to meet strategic and regulatory objectives.

The new site, deployed on Elcom, was divided into 4 sections: ‘School’ for prospective students, ‘Alumni’ for past students, ‘Foundation’ for sponsors and ‘Portal’ for parents and guardians.

The goal is to provide each member with the information that they need, when they need it and to increase engagement through information and insight.

The Benefits

  • Geelong Grammar School will use the Events Manager module to manage and promote events, such as open-days, reunions and sports events to its community
  • Videos will be available on the site to provide the community with insight into life on campus.
  • Portal members will have secure access to login and access report cards, complete online forms and other personalised information.
  • The collaborative authoring environment will provide each department with control over their own content such as news, events and student information.


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