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Fair Work Ombudsman

A gateway to information and advice about Australia's workplace rights and rules, including awards and national employment standards.

The Challenge

We had a website but had no way of communicating with customers through it. We also needed a way for our customers to conduct transactions with us using self-service tools.

Demand on our customer service team was high and we knew we could improve the way we managed demand while providing enhanced services by directing certain queries to an online channel.

Most importantly, the solution had to be a well-developed and well-supported product that we could implement quickly.

The solution had to be a well-developed and well-supported product that could be implemented quickly. Paul Vadasz, Assistant Director Online Channels
Fair Work Ombudsman

Fair Work Ombudsman Responsive Website

The Solution


We went through an open tender process and identified the need for a lean portal solution that had content management capability.
Elcom worked closely with us to help articulate our requirements.
We had a fairly high level idea of our requirements beforehand and as the project evolved we went into more detail.

Within our tight timeframe we launched the portal, initially a soft launch with user testing, and so far, so good.

It was always part of our plan to have one CMS for the portal and our website, and launching the portal helped us realise the value in rolling them both into one. Our website and portal were built on different platforms but migrating the website across has been easier than expected.

After the success of the initial soft launch with user testing, the official customer self-service portal was launched. 

The solution was rapidly deployed within our tight timeframe. We are now able to present customers with a personalised, seamless online experience.

At the same time, a user-friendly administration makes it easy for staff to keep content up-to-date. One thing that attracted us to the portal was the fact that we didn’t have to build components. There were plenty of options out of the box including a very intuitive CMS that non-technical people can use.

The addition of the CRM system and bespoke app integrations have led it to becoming an integral part of the organisation.

The Benefits

“Between 2011 and 2012, we dealt with almost 800,000 requests for assistance through multiple channels. Our website experienced over 6.5 million visits. The demand to deliver services 24/7 is growing, engagement requirements differ from user-to-user, and as an organisation we need to ensure that we have the ICT infrastructure to adapt and meet strategic objectives. Elcom offers us both the out-of-the-box solution and the business partnership required for continued success.”

Michael Clark, Executive Director, Fair Work Infoline

As a result of implementing Elcom, Fair Work Ombudsman experienced the following business benefits:

  • Reduced call centre volumes with a significant number of requests answered online
  • Improved customer experience and engagement realised through a personalised online self-service portal
  • Improved customer service with 24/7 support and queries answered in a timely manner. Via the portal, people receive a priority service over those who use the call centre
  • Reduced administration time as a result of the user-friendly interface


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