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At BUSSQ building super is all about creating a superior lifestyle in retirement for super fund members working in the Queensland building, construction and civil industries and their families and friends.

The Challenge

Our old website was very out dated, not visually appealing and had poor navigation.

With a growing membership base and people increasingly seeking information about their superannuation online, we knew a revamp was in order.

We needed greater control over what we could upload and change ourselves, and better analytics to monitor what was working and what was not.

We also needed a better online system for people to register to attend our information sessions and other events that would reduce the existing administration time.

With a growing membership base and people increasingly seeking information about their superannuation online we knew a revamp was in order. Georgina Humphrys, Marketing and Events

BUSSQ Website Three Devices 2020

The Solution


Initially Elcom took us through a fact-finding exercise to determine exactly how our members use our site and what information they need. This helped guide the project and ensure the changes to our site truly benefited our members – not just what we thought would be best.

While Elcom built the site we reviewed all the content and came up with a new look and feel. Once it was ready to launch we conducted a lot of internal testing which revealed a few issues, all of which were fixed quickly and how we wanted.

During the testing phase we realised we needed a way to highlight important information to our members so Elcom came up with a ‘sticky note’ function that we can turn on and off as necessary.

The Benefits

As a result of implementing Elcom, BUSSQ experienced the following business benefits:
  • My job is easier
    The new site has definitely made my job easier. The usability is great and we can go in and update everything ourselves instantly rather than waiting on external providers. Inserting images is a lot easier and the look and feel is much cleaner.
  • Data-driven improvements
    Now that we have the right analytics we can see about 13% of our members use mobile or tablet devices so we are about to build a mobile-friendly site. It’s really important that we can provide the right information to our members when, where and how they want to access it.
  • Reduced cost, saving time
    Most registrations for our events now come through our website – about 85% – which takes the pressure off our contact centre. I get an alert whenever someone registers and don’t have to wait for the information to be passed on.
  • Reporting, increased revenue
    I can also run reports from the backend and create surveys and other forms to capture information that we then use for business development.



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